Experiment with your look

Developers and designers can use the HTML and CSS editors for the ultimate customized effect. Take complete creative control over a template or create one from scratch.



    Customize your template using the HTML and CSS editor. You can design parts of your template or create one completely from the ground up.

    customize html and css

    Custom class names

    Add custom class names to elements to customize them individually. Editing the custom class name for certain elements will ensure that the style of only that particular element gets modified.

    customize class name

    Responsive Templates

    Every website you create with Zoho Sites is automatically optimized for mobile. Your website will look great on phones, tablets, and desktops. You can preview your website to see how it will look on these devices.

    customize responsive templates
customize html and css customize class name customize responsive templates

No code, no lost content

Go codeless using the visual editor and customize templates to suit your taste. If you're not happy with the template, switch it at any time without losing content.

customize autosavecustomize visual-editorcustomize page-versionscustomize message-barcustomize domain-name


    Zoho Sites saves your work every few seconds so no words are left unsaid. You never have to worry about manually saving your work again.

    customize autosave

    Visual Editor

    Customize the look and feel of your website's template without having to use a single line of code. You can preview and experiment with various visual customizations.

    customize visual-editor

    Page Versions

    Every edited version of your page is saved and listed. You can roll back to any version at any time. This comes in handy especially if you accidently delete content.

    customize page-versions

    Message Bar

    Display announcements and important information. You can also use the message bar to display cookie notice messages.

    customize message-bar

    Custom domain name

    Get a custom domain name to bring that final branding touch to your site. You can also map domains that you already own.

    customize domain-name