Upload and embed

Convey your message creatively and make your website stand out by embedding audio, video, code snippets, and more.



    Zoho sites has an integrated audio player to which you can upload music and audio files. Visitors can listen to these files via the player when they are on your site.

    captivate audio


    Embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo on your site. You can also embed videos using the embed code from a video source provider.

    captivate video

    Code snippet

    Use the code snippet element to insert widgets and script from source providers to your site.

    captivate code-snippet
captivate audio captivate video captivate code-snippet

Visual allure

Capture your visitors attention with attractive imagery. With features like Photosets, Light Box, and Animation, make your website come alive.

captivate photosets captivate lightbox captivate animation


    Display your images like a photo gallery. You can create multiple photosets to add to your pages.

    captivate photosets

    Light Box

    Add emphasis to your content using the light box. When clicked, images with the light box option appear full screen with the background dimmed out. This adds the illusion of depth to the page so your content stands out in three dimensions.

    captivate lightbox


    Bring your elements to life with animation. This feature enables you to apply animation such as slide, bounce, and fade to your content.

    captivate animation