Website in minutes

Take control of your website with Zoho Sites' drag-and-drop builder. With a range of elements and pre-built sections, you'll be able to transform your website into an engaging reflection of your organization in just a few clicks.


    Drag-and-drop Builder

    Create beautiful websites with ease. You can create, add, and customize your website by simply dragging and dropping any item that you may need to build your website.

    drag and drop


    Our range of elements enable you to add text, images, audio, and video to your website. Each element comes with individual customization options to give you the flexibility you need.

drag and drop elements

Design with ease

We understand that even with great content at your disposal, presentation and design may be a challenge. Use tools like sections, shapers, and dynamic backgrounds to create an engaging website easily.

sites sections sites shapers sites dynamics


    Design your site content quickly and easily with these pre-designed layouts. We provide over 150 layouts that can help you showcase your work brilliantly.



    Increase the visual appeal of your website with these abstract design layouts. We provide over 25 shaper designs that range from playful to professional.


    Dynamic Backgrounds

    Create an engaging and immersive browsing experience with the fix and scroll options. Fixing images in place provides a parallax effect while scrolling over your website.