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5 New Features in Zoho Sites You Can’t Miss

Well, these are in continuation with the new features that we have been adding in Zoho Sites for past few months. We’ve made those little...

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Extended Social Capabilities With Zoho Sites

The best websites are the ones that enable visitors to spread the good word easily and social networks usually do this the best. For businesses,...

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Frugal Ways to Market in Big Events

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New In Zoho Sites: Code snippet, LinkedIn widget and more

We’ve been fortunate to have our feature priorities be continuously questioned by the community. As a result, we are announcing 5 new features that, we believe,...

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Rethinking On Typography With Google Web Fonts

“Big type, even huge type, can be beautiful and useful. But poise is usually far more important than size — and poise consists primarily of...

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Just in: Zoho CRM Web Forms and Button Element for Zoho Sites

Website is the face of every business while CRM is the backbone. As a measure to link them both, we now have Zoho CRM web...

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Merry-go-round of Pictures: Introducing Carousel Of Banner Images

Images are the fanciest of all elements in a website. Today, we’re announcing a great new way to make the most of your images. Banner...

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Launching, 8 huesome themes

A combination of technology and art is essential in the making of a great website. It is also important that theme speaks the soul of your business,...

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A letter of appreciation for Zoho Sites

Six months ago, we launched Zoho Sites. It has been a wonderful journey since then, with memorable events along the way; customization of themes, password...

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Introducing a Visual Editor for Customizing Website Themes

Website is one place where people judge by the cover, and are mostly right. That is why a good looking business website has a significant...

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