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How can I sign documents online for free?

Across the globe, businesses are going digital for easy document management and tracking. Zoho Sign can help businesses sign, send, and manage their documents from anywhere.

Zoho Sign is a digital signature (e-signature) app that's trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to sign their documents online. We can replace wet signatures, pen, paper, printers, scanners, mailers, and all manual processes with digital signatures.

Using this technology, businesses can significantly improve the document turnaround time and cut costs.

How does Zoho Sign work?

Zoho Sign leverages the industry-standard PKI technology to securely sign documents online. To put it simply, we attach a digital fingerprint to your document and check for any alterations throughout the document's lifecycle. This helps us ensure your documents are secure, authentic, and non-repudiable.

Learn more about how digital signature works here.

How can you sign documents online with Zoho Sign for free?

  • Sign up for Zoho Sign—it only takes a few minutes
  • After completing your account setup, you can sign documents or collect signatures from anyone worldwide
  • Upload the document from your device or cloud apps
  • Drag and drop the required fields onto the document
  • Sign it yourself, or collect signatures from others, in just a few clicks
Are documents signed online legally binding?

Are documents signed online legally binding?

Yes, most documents signed online are legally binding across the globe. However, there are some exceptions for specific documents based on the country. You can check our legality guide to learn about the validity of digital signatures in your country and any exceptions that you need to be aware of.

“Zoho Sign is a solution that all HR professionals should implement and use, especially when you’re dealing with the endless list of documents to be signed by candidates. It frees up a lot of your time to pursue more strategic matters. Plus, everything becomes so much more organized and efficient.”

Zoho Sign
Aaron Syarif Hakim

Head of SAP Resourcing, Aplikasi

“I had used EchoSign for many years, predating the acquisition by Adobe. The product had become inflexible, difficult to use, and was expensive for what it was. As users of several other Zoho products, it made sense to look at Sign, especially because of the integration options, but also the inclusion in Zoho One.”

Zoho Sign
Kenny Schiff

Founder and Managing Partner, CareSight LLC

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