Sign Yourself

Sign Yourself

With this feature, you can sign documents and send the signed copies to one or more recipients. The recipients will be limited to viewing the signed documents, and cannot perform any signatory actions.

To sign documents yourself:

  1. Log in to Zoho Sign and click Sign Yourself on your dashboard.
    Click the plus icon  on the left navigation panel and select Sign yourself  from the dropdown menu.
  2. Drag and drop, upload or import the documents that need to be signed and click Continue.
  3. Preview the uploaded documents in the document viewer, then add the form fields and position them. The form fields will be filled automatically as they are placed in the documents.
  4. If your signature has not been set earlier, the signature wizard will help you create your electronic signature that gets added to the documents. Upon creating your electronic signature, click Ok to close the wizard.
  5. After all the form fields have been placed in the documents, click Finish to complete signing the documents.
  6. Enter the email addresses of the recipients, separated by a comma, in the dialog box that opens, then click Send & close to email them all a signed copy of the documents.


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