Digital signature API plans and pricing.
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PREMIUMNo monthly/annual commitment


Addressed via API:

  • Text tags and automatic field detection
  • Send for signatures
  • Signing workflows
  • Recipient approver action
  • Recipient in-person signing action
  • NewRecipient vernacular configuration*
  • NewRecipient authentication via email, SMS OTP and other 3rd-party services*
  • Request delivery via app, email, and SMS*
  • BETAEmbedded sending
  • NewEmbedded signing
  • Attachments by signers
  • Recipient reminders
  • Document and folder management
  • Unlimited templates
  • Audit trail and certificate of completion
  • User management
  • Webhooks
  • BETAWeb and mobile SDKs - PHP, iOS, and Android*

Accessed and configured on the app interface:

  • Print, sign, and upload for physical signing
  • Organization email alias configuration
  • Rebranding, email templates and signature disclosure customization
  • Recipient redirection
  • Template and document sharing
  • Blockchain timestamping*
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • NewIntegrations - Zoho apps, 3rd-party apps, DSC, and trust service providers*
  • Reports
  • BETACustom domain and white label options*
  • Priority technical support (email, web, and phone)



*Read FAQs below for more details and to understand the additional cost structure.


OEM/ISV Pricing

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  • How is the API-only plan different from the other general plans?

    The API-only plan gives users access to most Zoho Sign features only through our REST APIs for the purpose of integration and automation with their in-house apps, websites, and other 3rd-party services. Whereas, the other general plans give users direct access to Zoho Sign and its various features through the app's web and mobile interfaces for their all-round needs.

  • How does the API-only plan's pricing work?

    There is no periodic subscription fee or per user licensing cost associated with the API-only plan. However, to get documents signed using our REST APIs, you would need to purchase Zoho Sign credits. The Zoho Sign credit is an add-on that can be purchased in denominations of 500 at per credit. Therefore, you can purchase a minimum of five hundred credits to be added to your account for . Each document signature request you raise through API consumes 5 Zoho Sign credits from the total credits you have left in your Zoho Sign account.

  • Do all API calls consume Zoho Sign credits in the API-only plan?

    No, consumption of Zoho Sign credits is confined only to the calls that send out documents for signature and trigger activity incurring additional cost due to fees paid to 3rd-party providers. All other API calls such as information fetch calls, update calls, user and account management calls do not consume any Zoho Sign credits.

  • How are Zoho Sign credits consumed for services by 3rd-party providers?

    Zoho Sign credits are also consumed when you use integrated services such as document delivery via SMS, recipient authentication, digital timestamping, and other trust services offered in Zoho Sign. This is due to the additional cost incurred by the fees paid to 3rd-party providers offering these services. The consumption rate for each of these services vary and are as outlined in this consumption chart.

  • How do you notify me when I'm running out of Zoho Sign credits?

    You can configure alerts in the subscription details page of your Zoho Sign account where you can set low and critically low values based on the volume of your credit usage. You will receive an email reminder to purchase more Zoho Sign credits when the credits left in your account fall below these values.

  • How long are the Zoho Sign credits I purchase valid for?

    The Zoho Sign credits you purchase remain valid until they are consumed and as long as you have an active Zoho Sign account. They do not have an expiry date.

  • Do I have to pay to test the Zoho Sign APIs?

    No, you don't have to. When you sign up for the first time to Zoho Sign, you avail a free 14-day trial of the Enterprise plan. This offers access to all the features in Zoho Sign, including the API, and you can test it to send up to 10 documents for free. And, if you are already subscribed to the Enterprise plan, you can send up to 50 test documents per month by passing 'testing=true' as a parameter in your API calls without needing to purchase Zoho Sign credits or consuming existing credits. However, all these trial and test documents will carry a watermark which cannot be removed.

  • Can any features or components be subject to additional cost in the future?

    Yes, some features and components such as mobile SDKs, custom domain support, and white label options are enabled at our discretion and will likely incur additional licensing costs depending on the kind of use and the degree of support needed. For queries and assistance, leave us a message here. For a license quote, let us know your requirements here. Blockchain timestamping, which is presently available at no additional cost, may be subject to additional pricing in the future.

  • Can I use the Zoho Sign web and mobile apps in the API-only plan?

    No, we encourage the purchase of the API-only plan only when you intend to integrate Zoho Sign with other applications for automated usage and have little-to-no use for the Zoho Sign web and mobile apps. If you want to make use of our web and mobile apps and also the REST APIs, we recommend you purchase the Enterprise plan and a sufficient amount of Zoho Sign credits as add-ons.

  • What are the interface languages supported in the API-only plan?

    Zoho Sign presently supports 18 languages on its interfaces. These are Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, and Swedish.

  • Are there any other restrictions or limitations I have to keep in mind?

    Yes, separate product or provider license restrictions may apply when you use integrations with other applications and services. Data center limitations may apply for some product features and integrated services due to geographical and regulatory restrictions.

  • Do you offer dedicated technical support for API plan users?

    Yes. We provide 24/5 API technical support for both trial and paid users, except on public holidays.