Educate with high-quality visuals

Offer consultations to patients, and explain your procedures for in-office and virtual visits using visual aids. You can also use illustrations, graphics, and videos to educate your staff on how to use the latest equipment and technologies.

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Train your staff with visual slides

whether you're sharing information or teaching a new skill, incorporating visuals can enhance the learning process. Instead of giving your staff printed manuals, share resources in the form of a presentation.


Present reports seamlessly

Share patient reports, medical projects, and case studies with your community effortlessly as an offline presentation.

Why use Zoho Show for healthcare?

Whether you work in a hospital, a clinic, or in medical administration, presenting your cases and research findings as visually engaging slides will help you strike a chord with your audience.

Secure file sharing
Seamless procedure demonstration
Compliance-driven privacy system
Made for all icon-devices
Add-ons for Show

Secure file sharing

Share confidential data internally and externally with secure links, instead of heavy email attachments. You can limit file access, and control who can view your reports and data.

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Compliance-driven privacy system

We are ISO 27001, SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant.This means our product adheres to the standards of the healthcare industry and ensures the privacy of confidential and personal data.

Made for all devices

Use the Zoho Show app to connect to your Android and Apple TV to showcase your corporate videos and client testmonials with the Auto-Loop feature.

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Seamless procedure demonstration

Easily explain complicated procedure to your patients with explanatory videos and visuals.


Add-ons for Show

Leverage add-ons, like YouTube, which helps you add videos directly to your slides without exiting your application or switching tabs.

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