Top five HR presentation templates

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Top five HR presentation templates

Candidate recruitment.
Processing company payroll.
Resolving conflicts.
Maintaining a work environment.
Performance analysis.
Employee engagement.


Managing people can be overwhelming; we'll let you take care of that. As for your onboarding presentations, we've got you covered.

From recruitment and training to webinars and workshops, there is more than one instance in which an HR professional needs to present. Presentations in the corporate environment are an everyday affair, and is no less in the HR department, so presentation skills for an HR professional are a must-have, considering the nature of their profession.

What are HR presentation templates?

There are multiple functions of an HR professional, and there is a slide deck for almost each one of them. HR presentation templates are predesigned slides that help HR professionals create slide decks for various purposes like training, performance, HR benefits, company policies, and other HR meetings. These templates can be customized according to the presenter and the audience.

Zoho Show's HR presentation templates

Zoho Show, an online presentation tool for modern teams, allows you to design slide decks quickly with Show's wide range of free presentation templates for HR professionals. Whether promoting a job opening or training a new hire, an HR professional needs to project an air of polish and professionalism. With Show's templates, all you have to do is replace the placeholder content, customize the colors and font to suit your company needs, and you are good to go!

Top five HR presentation templates

Employee onboarding presentation templates

What is it?

When an employee joins an organization, they should be familiar with the company and its policies. This is the first impression an employee has of the organization, and it is important to create an impact. An ideal employee onboarding process should make the employee feel welcome and that they are an integral part of the company, and tell them what they should expect from the company and what is expected from them.

An onboarding presentation template is a must have in this scenario. This will include everything about the organization—its history, core values, mission statement, company culture, and its policies. The presentation template will also carry the company's structural hierarchy, overview, and a road map of the organization, benefits, and compensation for employees.

What Show offers

Show's onboarding presentation template has essential slide templates to create an engaging slide deck. This free presentation template features a minimalist design paired with a structured layout to help you confidently onboard new employees. Dashes of red and blue help keep viewers' attention on the vital details.

Key slides

Company values
Company timeline
Company policies
Organizational structure 
Growth metrics

Employee benefits presentation template

What is it?

Apart from the regular wages or salary given to an employee, there are other benefits that an employee receives for working in an organization. Most employers feel that employee benefits improve the overall satisfaction of the employee, thereby helping with employee retention. 

An employee benefits presentation template must include the overview of the benefits and should include the various benefits the company provides their employees in detail. This presentation template should include the health benefits, leave benefits, financial support, retirement plans, and other perks and remuneration given to the employees. It will also have to include who or which team is responsible for the benefits and their contact information.

What Show offers

The employee benefits presentation template from Show has the perfect slides to communicate the perks and benefits to your employees effectively. Comprising of pastels and pink tones, this free presentation template creates a welcoming and energetic feel. The charts and graphs inside this structured, elegant template are sure to get the message across.

Key slides

Overview of employee benefits
Health benefits
Financial support
Other perks and remuneration
Important contacts

Company policies presentation template

What is it?

Every organization has a set of policies they expect employees to abide by. These are the first pieces of information the company wants to provide employees in their onboarding session. The presentation has to be comprehensive to cover all the policies in detail to ensure employees are aware of them before their employment with the company.

A company policy presentation template should begin with the history and overview of the company followed by the company's vision and mission statement. The template will include the general employment policies, employee classifications, and anti-discrimination and harassment policies. Furthermore, the travel and remote work policies and who to contact in case of escalations and clarifications must be covered.

What Show offers

Show's company policies presentation template has all the required slides for your employee's induction. This free presentation template's modern yet retro design pops with green geometric accents and will get the information across while welcoming in employees.

Key slides

Employee policies and practices
Equal employee opportunities
Anti-discrimination and harassment
Travel policies
Important contact information

Recruitment drive presentation template

What is it?

A recruitment drive is where the HR department scouts the best talents to fill various roles in the organization. This is typically done externally but can be done internally in rare cases. A recruitment drive is where potential candidates decide to be part of the company or not, so it is important to keep the presentation as engaging and informative as possible.

A recruitment drive presentation template will showcase key information about the organization—its background, policies, and a who's-who of the company. The template will have to include the opportunities available for the employee's growth and key statistics of the company that will set it apart from the competitors. 

What Show offers

Zoho Show's recruitment drive presentation template has slides to engage your audience in the session. This free presentation template is colorful and sure to connect with potential recruits. The subtle geometric designs give a structure to the presentation without feeling cluttered.

Key slides

Company policies
Positions available for recruitment
Team members
Job perks
Career opportunities

Workplace harassment policy presentation template

What is it?

Every organization has a strict employee harassment policy to ensure their safety. A concrete work harassment policy is laid out to build an inclusive workplace where all employees feel supported and respected. This slide deck has to have all the necessary information in detail for the employees to be aware of the policies.

A workplace harassment policy presentation template will include what is considered harassment in the company and the company's policies against it. It will have an overview of the laws of the state and the country and the reporting procedure in case of any such event. The presentation template must also include an example of what is considered harassment, dos and don'ts, and who to contact in case of an issue.

What Show offers

Show's workplace harassment policy presentation template includes all the slides required to outline the discrimination policies and how to avoid violating them. This free modern template uses pops of colorful pastels to highlight key points. The professional yet welcoming slides will offer clarity and invite engagement.

Key slides

Company's policies against harassment
Government's policies against harassment
Examples of discrimination
Reporting procedure
Contact information

Tips to create a perfect HR presentation

While you can count on Zoho Show for free HR presentation templates, here are a few tips to help you put together a perfect presentation.

Know your employees' needs

A presentation is for the end audience; it is ideal to create a presentation that aligns with what the employee needs to ensure that message is conveyed. Let's say an onboarding presentation or a recruitment drive presentation must include the perks and remuneration for the employees to hold their attention. Thus, it is important to know your employees and draft a presentation accordingly. 

Avoid using industry jargons

It is crucial to communicate your message effectively to your audience. Including industry jargon or abbreviations may confuse them or might convey a different meaning than intended. For example, when you are presenting compliance or security presentations for employees, it is important to avoid jargon and abbreviations as the employees have to understand everything completely. In case it is necessary that these have to be included, follow it up with a key slide with explanations.

Include key statistics and data

Backing up information with statistics and data will always bring more credibility to the information presented. Be it a performance review, employee engagement, or employee review, add necessary data with charts or graphs to interest and engage your employees.

Make it interactive

Some HR sessions can be lengthy; an employee onboarding session or recruitment drive can consume more time than the usual presentations. It is important to have a small quiz or an icebreaker session to keep it interactive. Narrating a personal anecdote or adding humor in between will also add a little extra to your presentations.

Always end with a Q&A session

There can always be need for clarification. Be it company policies or job perks and remuneration, employees can have several doubts after a session. These will also give you new perspectives and teach you new lessons that can help make future presentations better. During this part of a presentation, you can also request attendees provide suggestions and feedback that you can use to alter the slide deck accordingly to fit their needs.

Final thoughts

An HR presentation is not just another presentation; it has crucial information regarding an organization. Whether they be employees, potential candidates, or internal stakeholders, HR presents to different audiences for different situations. All these carry information vital for the organization's growth. Hence the importance of perfectly crafted presentations to create the right impact with the audience.

Check out Show's free presentation templates to see how you can ace your next presentation in style.

Happy presenting!

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