The new Zoho Office Suite is all about better integrations and smoother workflows across applications. Zoho Sheet now introduces custom functions powered by Deluge—the programming language for non-programmers.


Custom functions, as the name implies, let you create personalized functions that meet your unique business needs. Furthermore, they allow you to bring in contextual data from countless Zoho and third-party applications. Let’s see how this can be a great advantage.


Garner email prospects from CRM

 Bring CRM data into Zoho Sheet

With privacy and user consent ever more a priority, marketers all over the world have to be more cautious about who and who not to contact for product promotions. Filter email addresses based on their consent, or the lead details based on the email ID and bring it into your spreadsheet. But don’t stop there! Use this list for your email campaigns either by importing the sheet into your email marketing application, or sending emails from the same sheet by using macros, all with a single click.


Maintain invoices and expenses

 Bring invoice data from Zoho Books into Zoho Sheet

Are you responsible for the financial activities of your team/organization? Consolidate the invoices and expenses, with order IDs and amount details, for your organization from an accounting software such as Zoho Books. Filter them based on the date of issue or the due date, or apply conditional formatting rules to your list and make sure to act on the invoices at the right time.


Keep track of your tasks

Bring data from Zoho Projects into Zoho Sheet

No matter how large your team is or how many projects you handle at a time. As the manager, get an instant report on your team’s tasks, their owners, statuses, etc., and make sure to finish them up on time. The best part is you can collaborate with your team in real time and notify them about any sudden changes, all from inside the spreadsheet.


The best thing about the whole custom functions feature is that you need not be a programmer to use it! Just drag, drop and customize functions in a jiffy using Deluge. Learn more about custom functions and how to use them here.


What are you waiting for? Start creating your own set of functions today and tell us how useful they were in the comments below.


This announcement is part of the #FutureOffice series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Office Suite. Read the complete announcement here.

Jaya Shankari S
Zoho Sheet

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  1. Alexander

    Thank you.
    Once you have already created these functions could provide me and other developers with the sources to save the time?

    • Jaya Shankari S

      Hi Alexander, we do have plans to provide our users with a custom functions gallery. Will make sure to let you know when it’s ready.

      Is there any specific custom function you’d like to use or see in the gallery?

  2. Oleksandr Kompaniiets

    Hi, I can not find any of described functions in Zoho Sheets: _CRM_INFO, _CRM_DATA and so on.
    Should I create them by myself?
    Could you give sources?