Live chat software is the go-to tool for any website visitor or customer who wants to contact your company for resolving issues or learning the product. Hence, it becomes essential to track the visitor behavior during the chat session- the operations, usage and their efficiency.

Once you have pasted the Zoho SalesIQ script into your web pages, the script will automatically detect the Google analytics code available in your website. If everything is in place, Zoho SalesIQ will start reporting events to your GA automatically. All you have do is enable Google analytics in the Integrations.

Events play a major role in measuring actions happening on your live chat. It is one of the basic steps to start tracking your business growth.  Let us say a first-time visitor who just landed on your website has interacted using the Live Chat feature. This is an event, as it helps you nurture him into a customer and track him further. You can set numerous events to study each conversion that takes place. This helps you formulate a strategy that addresses the stage of the customer journey.

It is a cherry on the cake to use Real-Time report for Event Tracking to ensure you have your Event Tracking in place on the activities that you want to track on your website, you will need to head over to the Behavior > Events > Overview report in Google Analytics to start getting familiar with the data you can now analyze.

Using Event Tracking to measure interaction and conversions on your website is really beneficial for getting a better understanding of how your users are engaging with the Live Chat of your website in a much more advanced way than the standard reports can manage. The flexibility of tracking what matters most to you and your site is key to advancing your website and improving everything from small to key conversion points – or micro to macro conversions.

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