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Add live chat software to your GoDaddy site

Engage with your customers and create meaningful conversations. Discover new business possibilities that will drive your sales.


Enhance the website visitor experience for your consumers


Increase website user engagement


Take a proactive approach to 24x7 support with live chat


Make outreach easier for your sales team


Reduce your customer churn rate


Build brand loyalty and long-term relationships

Why SalesIQ is the best live chat software for GoDaddy websites?

Respond instantly to users in real time

Improve customer experience and satisfaction by providing timely and instant responses using live chat software. Gather insights and collect feedback through the live chat widget to make informed business decisions.

Live chat software for godaddy website

Unify communications with customers

Meet customers where they are. Get the conversation going in an omnichannel approach by unifying communications from instant messaging channels, website live chat, or even a mobile app. Make customer care teams' jobs easier by restarting the conversation from where they left.

Godaddy live chat software for unified communication

Delight customers and provide 24x7 support

Give quick and exceptional support without further ado using AI-powered chatbots. Reduce the human handle time by setting up automated answers and more.

Godaddy live chat software with AI chatbots
Godaddy live chat software with AI chatbots

Step up your customer experience strategy

Quickly convert chats into tickets and prioritize them by integrating with help desk software. Also, connect with the CRM tool to transfer chat conversations to the right people for further customer engagement. Use these insights to carve out a personalized and unified customer experience.

Enable Zoho SalesIQ's live chat plugin on GoDaddy-hosted websites

Quick setup and installation

Easy customization

Seamless integration

Choose the best live chat software for your GoDaddy website.

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