Pivot Table or Cross Tabs

Variously called as Cross Tabs or Matrix View, Pivot is an important report type useful in data analysis. Zoho Reports supports a flexible and feature-rich pivot table report type.

From a Table or Query Table in your reporting database, you can choose New -> New Pivot View for creating a pivot over that table. Watch demo.

Columns of the table (listed on the left pane) can easily be dragged and dropped into the design area on the right to construct the pivot table.

In the columns dropped, you can click on the drop-down menu and select the appropriate function to be applied.

Click on the "Click Here to Generate Pivot" to create the pivot view.

A Multi-level Pivot View

Multi-level pivots can be created too. The screenshot below shows Sales and Profit grouped by Product category and Product name at the row level and Year and Region at the column level. In the pivot table, data from multiple columns, sales and profit are also summarized.


The pivot table can be sorted based on any column by either clicking the corresponding sort icon or by selecting the required options from the sort menu (as shown in the screenshot).

View Underlying Data

Data underlying any point in the pivot can be seen by clicking on the same. The screenshot shows all the sales that has happened for "Fruits and Vegetables".

Printer-friendly Export

You can export the pivot tables created into CSV, XLS, XLSX, PDF, HTML and image formats. PDF export generates a printer friendly document.

You can also select multiple reports and export them in a single PDF document using the option "Export Multiple Views (PDF)".

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