Dashboards provide a snapshot view of your key business data for quick and easy data analysis / visualization.

A dashboard consists of any of the embedded interactive reports namely charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, summary views, tabular views, data tables & query tables along with formatted text.

Zoho Reports offers a powerful dashboard creator with drag-and-drop based designer, flexible layout options, support for widgets, formatted text, URL links, images etc.

To create a dashboard, you can choose New -> New Dashboard from the Explorer tab. Watch demo.

Drag-and-drop based Dashboard Creation

In Zoho Reports, dashboard creation is completely drag & drop based.

In the dashboard designer, you will see the list of reports on the left pane. Drag & drop any report into the design area to make it a part of the dashboard.

Flexible Layout Options

You can arrange your reports in a single or two column layout.

Use the Expand/Contract option, which comes when you mouseover a report, to arrange it in a single column or two column layout.

You can resize the reports to suit your needs, using the size adjustor which comes on mouseover.

You also have options to include/exclude the Title, Description & User Filters of a report. Legend position in a chart can also be customized.

Add Widgets

KPI Widgets are single number view components, with possible trend indicators, providing a quick & easy visualization of any data metric. You can customize the trend indicators (up/down indicators) to visualize how a metric looks like when compared to its past values.

Add Widgets

You can add KPI widgets to your dashboards to visualize important numbers. Go to "Edit Design" mode in the dashboard view and click "Add Widget".

You can choose the column and the corresponding function you want to represent as widget, in the dashboard.

Add Widgets

Now the profit metric has been chosen to be represented as a KPI widget.

Add Widgets

You can also choose to add labels at the top and bottom of your widget and format them as you wish. Upon completion, click 'Apply' at the bottom of the box.

Add Widgets

Your widget is now added. You can position, expand/contract,edit/delete the widget upon mouseover, in the "Edit Design" mode.

Add Widgets

If no more formatting/editing is required, click "View Mode". You can add as many number of widgets as you want in the dashboard.

Add Rich Formatted Text

You can add rich formatted text along with images and URL Links to provide a rich look & feel to your dashboard.

Formatted text, images and URL links can be added at any place in the dashboard.

You can also use HTML code to provide your formatted text.

Export, Share, Publish

You can export a dashboard as a HTML or PDF (printer friendly) file.

You can also share the dashboards created, as you can do for a report created in Zoho Reports.

You can publish or embed dashboards into Web pages, blogs, web applications etc.

Sample Dashboards

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