Segment your hiring process with territory management

Organize your recruitment team around geography or product line with Zoho Recruit. Share accounts among territories, identify regions that have hiring needs, allocate resources and meet expectations, all while offering an excellent candidate experience.

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What is Territory Management?

Territory Management is a system by which company details are grouped based on a defined set of criteria. Managing multiple business locations is easier by sharing company details among your recruitment team.

Avoid complex data-sharing structure.

Organizations with complex hiring structures can use territories to share records with users in different locations easily. It's also convenient to group records based on the account characteristics rather than the individual ownership of records.

Improve the customer's experience

Segmenting candidates according to their region helps create a focused work environment. Create territories by providing access to a specific group of individuals will increase the recruitment teams' efficiency.

Set and track recruit targets effortlessly.

Set multiple forecast targets for users belonging to multiple territories. Identify teams that perform best. Get a consolidated view of targets set for each quarter and stay focused on the goals.

Traction. Transition. Growth.

Manage multiple business locations by providing access to a specific group of individuals, sharing customer accounts among different teams.

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