What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a talent acquisition toolbox used to source, manage, and nurture passive candidates that can organically lead the top talent to your company's Careers site.

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Employer branding

Create your best first impression with a beautiful Careers page. It's important in the pre-applicant stage that the candidate understands a company's culture and core values. Recruitment marketing supports employer branding by allowing companies to be found by both passive and active applicants. Applicants often evaluate an organization based on its website, so make it count!

employer branding
multiple gob postings

Multiple job postings

Post once and publish everywhere. Zoho Recruit integrates with 300+ job boards and aggregators. All you need to improve the quality of hires is to have an excellent job description and a applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline your application process. With Recruit's Source Boosters, instantly search candidates who are the best fit for your organization and access their resumes.

Social recruiting

The job market is constantly evolving. Nine out of 10 brands use social media to source, attract, and engage new recruits. Reach out to passive candidates through social recruiting and tap into the right platforms for your organization. Have millions of job seekers discover your job postings every day through Google, Facebook jobs, and LinkedIn.

social recruiting

Employee Referral

Boost your recruiting efforts by using your own workforce as a sourcing extension. People you hire are going to grow along with your company. Employee Referral allows you to brand your referral program and make sure potential candidates share your vision and fit your culture. Make referrals a part of your company's culture and encourage others to participate.

employee referal

Self-service portals

Give clients, vendors, and candidates the chance to get hands-on with their information through easy-to-use self-service portals. Leave a lasting impression by inviting them to join your organization in the process and keeping them in the know.


Advanced recruiting metrics

Candidates are every firm's greatest and most valuable asset, so finding and engaging them should be a top priority for your organization. With Zoho Recruit's ATS system, identify and track the source of your candidates. The advanced analytics can lead you to build strategies for your business.

Content marketing outreach

It's essential to connect with new candidates. With Zoho Recruit and Zoho Campaigns integration, you can sync contacts, send mass emails, and track their responses. Keep everyone in the know; send bulk SMS to candidates, contacts, and candidates; and associate them with a job opening. Capture a visitor's information from the websites using web forms and let your recruiting be data-driven.

content marketing

Improve the hiring process

Investing in recruitment marketing can give your company a competitive advantage and help you hire top talent faster, cutting the costs associated with a long hiring process.

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