Guide to Selecting the Best ATS

Finding the right Applicant Tracking System can be mind-boggling even for the most organised and tech savvy recruiter. Whether you're recruiting for your own company or for multiple clients, choosing the wrong software can be detrimental for your brand, also a waste of time and money. Focus on these main points:

Select the best ATS that suits your budget - Zoho Recruit

Know your budget.

When shopping for an ATS, ask yourself: Do you need the extra bells and whistles? Are you getting a real value for a higher-priced solution? Find out the criteria on which the product is priced - The number of users, job postings, employees, resumes, etc., because these are the factors that impact your bottom line.

Map out your workflow.

Every company and every recruiter has a unique way of moving applicants through the pipeline. Take time to understand your business requirements and recruiting process before you sign up for a single trial or demo. Read product comparisons and reviews online but remember, there's never a one-solution-fits-all option. So choose carefully.

Understand your business requirement before selecting the best ATS - Zoho Recruit
Evaluate multiple solutions to choose the best ATS - Zoho Recruit

Evaluate software.

A lot of ATS companies claim their software is easy to use but it's not the case. Take time and evaluate multiple software solutions. Make a list of must-have features and see if the software is equipped to handle your way of working. Take advantage of the free trials that most cloud based software vendors give you.

Mobile Recruiting.

Mobile recruiting is no longer a luxury; it's a requirement. Make sure the ATS software you choose has a mobile version so you can post jobs and connect with your candidates anytime.

Select the best ATS for hassle-free Mobile Recruiting - Zoho Recruit
Ensure data securing while selecting the best ATS - Zoho Recruit

Secure your data.

Make sure your data is secure in the cloud. Recruitment softwares contain a lot of private and sensitive information that is for you and your company's eyes only. Make sure your ATS complies with up-to-date security frameworks and encrypts all data.