Verify your candidate's identity with background checks

If there is one step that you cannot skip while hiring a candidate, it’s background verification. It is extremely important to authenticate candidate details in order to ensure the safety of your organization and your employees.

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Here's why background checks are a must for every recruitment process

  • Better understand your candidate’s history
  • Prevent fraudulent entries.
  • Ensure the safety of business and employees.
  • Stay compliant with legal policies.
  • Minimize the risk of a bad hire.
  • Reduce turnover.

Zoho Recruit makes background screening a breeze

While conducting candidate screening is important, it can also be extremely tedious for recruiters. Zoho Recruit integrates with top providers in the industry to help you conduct safe and thorough background checks within just 48 hours, while also ensuring smooth candidate experiences.


Our top providers

  • Reduce time and human error with Checkr's AI-powered technology while performing pre-employment background checks. Checkr can help you with reports that are easy to understand and help ensure faster, fairer background checks.

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  • Accurate Background has been transforming the way that companies and candidates connect for the past 25 years. They cater to an array of industries and business sizes from small to enterprise level.

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  • Automate, manage, and control background screening with HireRight’s on-demand employment background checks. Organizations of all sizes can conduct various levels of background screening tests with HireRight.

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What does a background check entail ?

  • Credit Checks

  • Cross-referencing employment

  • Identity verification

  • Education information

  • Checking criminal history

How do background checks work?

The main reason to conduct employment screening is to ensure that your candidates are trustworthy. Any red flags on background checks are immediate grounds to disqualify candidates.

Background checks involve verifying applicant identity by using information like their social security number and date of birth, as well as looking into financial records, court records, or other public record databases.

This might also involve HR professionals manually contacting references to verify an employee’s history.

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