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You need a background screening process that meets applicant demands while allowing HR to operate efficiently in the current talent market. Our integration with HireRight helps you do all of this—and more!

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Initiate screenings quickly

As a recruiter, you are always looking for ways to run the fastest background checks while using fewer resources. To meet your needs, HireRight's tools leverage technology to make screening easier and more efficient.

Reduce time-to-hire

Since you can initiate screenings quickly, you'll cut 2-3 days from the overall process and reduce your time-to-hire. This is good news in a tight labor market where everyone is competing for the best people.

Hire with confidence

HireRight's technology is equipped with the features and services required to effectively manage your background screening program so you can make better decisions quickly. The result? Accurate and thorough screenings that help you hire with more confidence.

Stay in compliance

HireRight reduces your risk of disputes and litigation. It offers updated compliance tools as regulations change to help you and your hiring team stay ahead of the curve.

Get real-time screening reports

Your dashboard will have the latest information. HireRight also provides email summaries that tell you which screenings are complete and which ones are in flight. You'll always know where your screening process stands so you can focus on better recruiting.

Driving a higher standard.

A truly global solution for employment background screening combined with the seamless quality of Zoho Recruit.

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