Zoho Recruit's assessment module allows you to filter applicants based on the skills or qualities you're looking for. Rate applicants,leave notes and feedback. Quickly compare applicants based on their average ratings, and give your interview team a head start.

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Assessment categories

The Assessments module displays all of the assessments your hiring process employs. By collecting all the responses for each job opening in a single view. Zoho Recruit makes it easier to evaluate and rate applicants. Assessments are divided into three categories based on how they're used in your hiring process.

assessment categories

Candidate Assessment

Make it easier for candidates to complete a preliminary assessment by auto-populating their responses inside Zoho Recruit.

Recruiter's Assessment

Allow recruiters to record candidate responses easily during phone and face-to-face interviews to maintain an accurate record of how every conversation went.

Interviewer's Assessment

Draft a set of questions to guide your interviews as they evaluate and rate the candidate's performance.

Assessment Types

Zoho Recruit provides you with a diverse set of Assessment Types for multiple screening varieties so you can appraise candidates according to your unique hiring requirements.



    Filter candidates as they enter your database by associating assessments to your job postings or by emailing assessments to them.

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    Behavioral Screening

    Gather information on the candidate's EQ and behavior.

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    Background Screening

    Verify whether the information provided by the candidate is valid.

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    General Screening

    Test candidates for their overall skill using questions from all screening types.

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Traction. Transition. Growth.

Every organization has their own way of assessing candidates. Use templates for consistent assessments & collaborate with your hiring team.

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