Zohologues is a series of talks by Zohoites where they share their experiences making software products.

  • Technology as an enterprise enabler
    By Rajendran Dandapani

    Technology is not a strategy unto itself. Instead, it enables strategy, and empowers people aiming to implement it.

    Over the decades, we have seen wave after wave of technology wash over the business landscape, impacting every aspect of individual and group productivity, prospect and customer relationships. A holistic effect on the organisational velocity has been felt. And those that adopt get to ride the wave, and leave the stragglers behind.

    The talk covers Raj's views on the technologies and tools we have today that are best-equipped to face the unique challenges that the covid era has brought upon us and some more.

    By Rajendran DandapaniDirector of Engg, Zoho Corp.
  • Strategies for building a SaaS product
    By Rajalakshmi Srinivasan

    Digital transformation has led to the birth of many cloud technologies. Various industries around us are at different stages of their digital journey.

    Zoho, being a product company, has been a pioneer in adopting latest technologies and building SaaS products. In this talk, we will be sharing our experiences and challenges we faced in the past 2 decades while building our products. Based on our collective wisdom, I would be giving tips and strategies to follow to build a successful SaaS product.

    By Rajalakshmi SrinivasanDirector - Product Management
  • AI enabling your business
    By Ramprakash Ramamoorthy

    There has been a lot of hype around AI and the technologies around it. In this talk, I will be cutting through the hype and giving you a primer on what the technology can do and what it can't. I'll throw light on how to get started with getting AI on to your business, both from a producer and a consumer perspective. I'll also be touching upon the 'do's and dont's' about AI to help you enable your business process.

    I'll walk you through case studies on how we launched AI features at Zoho and why our customers love it. After the talk, you'll have a better idea about what AI technology has to offer and where to get started in your everyday business.

    By Ramprakash RamamoorthyDirector - AI Research
  • Building a digital finance function for the future
    By Prashant Ganti

    As we navigate the pandemic-induced digital transformation, we're learning that the role of finance function is changing rapidly. This talk will bring together various technological and strategic changes that characterize a digital finance function.

    1. We will look at some traditional and new ways that define what a finance function does.
    2. Understand key areas of focus that can help finance climb the digital ladder and be ready for tomorrow's demands on today's finance.
    3. Understand the transformation a finance function needs to undergo in order to play a more strategic role in the organization.

    By Prashant GantiHead of Product Management - Global Tax, Accounting And Payroll Solutions
  • Building a customer-centric back office on the cloud
    By Reshma Roy

    Traditionally, departments revolved around the nature of work. Front office essentially focussed on closing deals, servicing client requirements, and supporting client needs. While back office managed warehouse and stock activities, processed paper work, payment follow-ups and ensured businesses stayed compliant with regulations. They worked in silos and THAT was okay.

    Today, increasing competition has led organisations to lookout for business processes that can be optimised to differentiate themselves from the competition. At the same time, the rise of the digital customer has led to the increasing importance of aligning employee and business activities around the customer’s journey.

    Here, the lines blur on what the back office and front office functions are. What matters is the customer and his journey. Whether it’s ordering an item online or returning an item purchased, the journey has to be intuitive, uninterrupted, and customer-centric (not department-centric).

    This session focuses on how the transformation of the back office can not only improve back office operations but provide contextual information to the front line staff to increase customer satisfaction as well.

    By Reshma RoyHead of Marketing - Zoho Finance Suite
  • Security and privacy challenges in the cloud
    By Deepa Kuppuswamy

    The adoption of cloud computing is at the heart of most organization's digital transformation strategies. But without proper governance, cloud applications and services can introduce security, privacy, and compliance risks.

    For the past 15 years, Zoho has been involved in building a suite of SaaS applications for business. In this talk, we will be sharing about cloud data security challenges and how a shared responsibility model is evolved between the cloud service provider and the consumer. Also, we will share our experiences and strategies in embedding security and privacy in the cloud transformation journey.

    By Deepa Kuppuswamy Director (Security) - Zoho
  • Setting up a strategy for global data protection compliance
    By Andrew David Bhagyam

    Regulations on data security and privacy are on the rise, to tackle the increasing number of data breaches. Ensuring that your organisation stays on top of these compliances may feel daunting with the growing requirements and applicability.

    In this talk, we will discuss how an organisation can standardise its compliance program to comply with, monitor and demonstrate compliance with the regulations and industry certifications without having to redo the scheme every time.

    By Andrew David BhagyamLead - Privacy Operations & Management
  • The role of marketing during a pandemic
    By Vibhav

    The world is reeling from one of the worst pandemics in history, and like any tragedy, this crisis is causing massive economic consequences for businesses. In this talk, we will focus on what Marketers can do to make the best of this predicament. We will also discuss why brand-loyalty carries its weight more so in the backdrop of this situation.

    By VibhavCRM- Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • The 5 product management buckets
    By Rahul JR

    This session is focused on helping you understand the five buckets model of product management. This bucket model is meant to track and manage work effectively without any hassle. The talk is not just going to benefit product managers but will also help individuals working in product management who want to keep up with their work.

    Ideally, the work items are split into five different categories.
    1. Work In Pipeline
    2. Work In Progress
    3. Work Completed
    4. Track Completed
    5. Goal Achieved

    Each category consists of a Bucket where their respective work items are added and can be tracked until completion. We'll dive deep into each of these five product management buckets to see how it can help the product managers stay organized while pushing the work forward. We'll also take a look at how this model is followed in Zoho to track work.

    By Rahul JRSenior Product Manager
  • Information, ingenuity, and intelligence: embracing the future of marketing
    By Sangeeta Nath

    We as marketers often drown in data, research and spreadsheets. In a world where the media topography is effectively crumbling, it feels impossible to build meaningful relationships with customers. However, now more than ever, is the time to embrace the tectonic shifts in marketing that are making their way into traditional marketing.

    By Sangeeta NathProduct Marketer- Zoho One