Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

One of the best things, is being able to track the staff time on projects that you do recurrently so you can develop real cost estimates on recurring projects that you do, like marketing a home for sale. Having the templates and time tracking together lets you develop a process so it is fast and efficient. Finally, the ability to see all deliverables and tasks across the team in a comprehensive manner is a life saver.

With real estate project management software you can track and manage real estate contract obligations i,e lease agreements, owned property agreements and service level agreements. Manage real estate performance and total cost of ownership through dashboard and determine best overall alternatives for real estate asset transactions and avoid lease penalties and overpayments.

"We are in the real estate market and rehab properties and use them as rental units. Zoho has enabled us to schedule maintenance work for our sub-contractors with due dates, priorities, and comments. We also coordinate our rental collections through a shared spreadsheet and receive comments regarding the projects we are working. I am a very satisfied customer of Zoho Projects and have recommended its use to many in the real estate professionals". - John Desmond, Real Estate

Key Business Benefits

  • Core ability to improve the efficiency of the task which will in turn save time and reduce associated costs
  • Access crucial documents, spreadsheets to discuss data in real time even while in different locations
  • Data in the form of spreadsheets, project costs and timelines can be shared in real time with anyone
  • Track and manage lease agreements, rental collection and asset transaction to avoid overpayments