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Digitalization & emerging technological solutions/trends have made life easier. To put it simply, it has changed us in every conceivable way. Advances in application solutions, communication technology and other areas have transformed the world of project management over the last decade or so and things are changing even at a faster pace.  

When new capabilities often lead to heightened expectations from customers and senior management, the net result is that project teams can achieve more in less time than ever before. From easier collaboration to more accurate reporting, here’s how technology has made every PM’s life a little bit easier.

Keeping up with the changes in time and market requirements, & to meet the high rising demands of customers, it is important for the PMO community to come out of the conventional mode to catch new trends which are changing at a very fast pace to meet the product life cycle requirement. Let us catch on the latest trends which are buzzing around due to the impact of COVID & are the need of the hour to meet customer demands and shorten the product development cycle.  

About Speaker:

Mr. Sukhdeep Singh is an expert in the area of project management, electric vehicles & future mobility solutions. He is a highly regarded leader in the automotive industry. He has worked with multinational companies like TATA Motors, BMW, TVS Motor company and Mahindra & Mahindra on various projects related to IC vehicles, electric vehicles & future mobility solutions. He has very closely worked with some renowned CEOs, C-suite leaders & leadership teams for development of strategy for future mobility products. He has expertise in areas such as Project Management, Business Strategy, Sales & Product Planning.  

He leads a team that is focused on future mobility projects & electric vehicles. Sukhdeep also leads the discussion negotiations with channel partners for development of electric vehicle components. Before joining Mahindra Automotive, he has worked with BMW & TVS Motors for Global partnerships that cater to the needs of various markets by localizing the products in India for international markets.  Sukhdeep holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in 2014 and a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab University in 2006. He has 3 patents in his name.

Voted one of the Top 10 Professional by Tiecon - India Chapter in the field of Electric Vehicle & Localisation of International Products, Sukhdeep is an award -wining author, keynote speaker and business strategist. He is passionate about helping his company & clients learn & experiment new developments in the arena of future mobility that can help them succeed no matter what this marketplace does”