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We are in the logistics and distribution business. We're a family-run, entrepreneurial company with about 8,000+ employees.

How has Zoho impacted your business? What are the most used features?

As people are seeing more of Zoho Projects, they are loving it more. It has allowed us to have live project plans (rather than sharing documents that are immediately outdated). As a department leader, it has given me better visibility of my PM's projects instead of having to ask them to send me their plans. Even our customers are loving Zoho because of the collaboration and visibility it provides them. It's so easy to modify and customize, that we also use it as a ticket tracking or change request tracking tool for some of our operations. We even have some non-PMs who use the tool now with their own departments. It's simple and intuitive enough that they can use it on their own without much support from the PM team.

We love that Zoho is constantly adding enhancements. Over the past year, most of our functionality "wishlist" has been deployed . We also love the customer support and how responsive and polite they are. They seem so invested in Zoho's success. We also love the fact that it has a single-sign on, and thus minimal password maintenance! Using Zoho has required very little administrative management.

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