PREMO is dedicated to designing and producing innovative magnetic, electronic components. We are in the IoT and automotive sector.

PREMO has 1200 employees worldwide and is located across multiple locations- Spain, France, USA, South Korea, China, Morocco and Vietnam.

What do you use Zoho Projects for? What are your favorite features?

We use almost every feature in Zoho Projects. Planning and scheduling tasks, creating dependencies and sharing documents are our favorite features. The integration between Projects and Office has also proved beneficial to us.

How has Zoho impacted your business?

Zoho has had a huge impact on our business. Since we started working with Projects, we have increased our turnover by 20% each year. Inspite of being a global team, we can easily coordinate with everyone over Projects. Though the process is complicated, we see great results every year.

If at all we face issues, the support team takes care of it quickly.

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