A Little About Rodriguez Consulting

Rodriguez Consulting, LLC (Rodriguez) is a civil engineering and land surveying firm. We provide innovative engineering and geospatial solutions for our nation's infrastructure incorporating creative applications of technology.

Rodriguez Consulting's Challenge

Projects were managed using everything from whiteboards on our walls to Excel spreadsheets and individual Microsoft Project files for each project that were stored in project folders.

The Zoho Solution

After an opportunity is won, our sales executives create a new project for the deal within Zoho CRM. A project manager is notified of this new project and it is his or her job to manage the project, set up a time line, and assign tasks to employees. Tasks are added directly to employee calendars as our firm uses Google Apps.

Impact of Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has allowed us to replace whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Project files with one single enterprise solution that our entire team can depend on. Managers get a dashboard view of everything we’re working on and this saves time spent searching through hard copies and online folders. Zoho Projects working inside Zoho CRM has allowed us to seamlessly integrate opportunities.