A little about TARU Leading Edge.

TARU was established in 1990 as an institution with trans-disciplinary expertise to engage with India's developmental challenges. In 1996, it was registered as TARU Leading Edge Private Limited under the Companies Act, offering a commitment of cutting edge research and contextualized consulting services to its clients. The last two decades have seen us working on a range of institutional, financial, economic, social and technical issues across diverse public systems, cultures and corporate formations, in more than a third of the rural and urban domains of India. This includes 28 States and Union Territories, with 30 major urban centers spread across 18 states. TARU also works in South Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

How is Zoho Projects used.

Initially, we used Excel-based log frame structure. But now, in Zoho Projects, tasks and tasklists are used for tracking various activities within each project, while timesheets are used by the finance department for billing purposes and by the employees for indicating the duration of their respective involvement.

The Zoho Projects Impact.

It has made management of projects across various offices much easier and helped us improve the billing cycle. Earlier, employees were requested to send the time spent to their respective project managers which were then approved and sent to the finance department before submitting it to the clients. In case of any query, the same process was repeated again leading to delay in raising and realizing invoices. But now, at the beginning of every month or after the completion of a milestone, the finance department is able to generate the deployment per project automatically, leading to efficient project spending and timely generation of invoices.