About Benefit Consulting Group.

We are business consultants in the field of employee benefits. Specifically, we consult with clients who want to set up a qualified retirement plan (i.e., 401(k), Profit Sharing, Traditional Pension) for their business and their employees. Our role is to set up IRS approved documents, ensure annual compliance with IRS and ERISA regulations, and assist on plan audits.

Before Zoho Projects.

We were using Microsoft Excel to track our progress and work flow from a shared server.

After Zoho Projects.

We use Zoho Projects to track the annual work flow for each plan we administer. The robust tools in Zoho allow us to document client communications, upload important documents, and easily collaborate among our team. However, the most useful feature is tagging a coworker as a way of assigning them the next step in a task.

The Zoho Projects Impact.

The collaborative aspects of Zoho Projects have increased communication among us tremendously, provided a system for cross checking each other's progress on tasks, and with its scalability, we were able to grow our business while reducing the risk of errors (a critical component when complying with the IRS).

Customer Quote.

We are greatly impressed by the continued efforts of the Zoho team to integrate all the apps and add features.