About TurningWest

TurningWest is a national Organization and Leadership Development consulting firm. We help build healthy human work systems and stronger organizations.

Before Zoho Projects

We had incomprehensible Excel docs that were never up to date nor could we view our entire portfolio of projects at one glance.

After Zoho Projects

With Zoho Projects, we are infinitely more efficient and entirely portable. We use Tasks, Milestones, Calendar, Documents, and Pages the most. These are standard for every client project. Zoho Projects keeps us all on the same page and allows me as the President to very rapidly see what everyone is working on, including our client users, and which areas need immediate attention.

The Impact

Our presence is now completely virtual without needing any physical office space with all of its attendant expenses. We save a ton of money using Zoho and we appreciate that Zoho continues to evolve and improve. We simply could not manage anywhere near the volume of client work that we do without Zoho Projects!