About Greentech Consulting FZ-LLC.

Greentech is a niche provider of Enterprise & Mobile Apps, IT Service Management, and IT Consulting services in the UAE and the USA. Our products include Greentech's Eta - the End-to-End Electronic Permitting Solutions for the Government Sector and Greentech's nCompass - the Channel Management Solution for FMCG.

Before and after Zoho.

Prior to Zoho, we were managing our projects using desktop applications like MS Project. Now however, once our projects are set up on Zoho, clients, team members and contractors are assigned to the named projects. Each team member updates the progress of their tasks and clients can get visibility into the entire project without the need to prepare time-consuming reports. We use almost every feature of Zoho Projects extensively.

Impact of Zoho Projects.

With Zoho, you can smoothly track projects and each team member can easily book their time against various tasks. Zoho makes it effortless to dimension future projects.