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I chose Zoho Projects over 5pm, specifically because, though they are functionally similar, Zoho seems to understand the "smallest effective difference" (Tufte) approach to its UI design (at least in Projects). I need something that reflects the level of communication theory I provide to my clients, and Zoho Projects is it. It's friendly; the cognitive load it provokes is very light; and it's highly functional. Thx, Zoho!

Jude Calvillo

Running a non-governmental organization with a team dispersed over several countries, we have mostly been struggling with collaboration. Zoho has solved many of our urgent problems: we can keep each other updated on the progress, schedule meetings, divide tasks, share documents, work together in real time and, thus, steer our progress much better. The Zoho platform is functional and intuitive, so that the whole team can use it easily. And the best of all: the Zoho team is always helpful on the spot, responsive and super-friendly whenever we have an issue.

Christine Huebner, Education Jacobs Alumni

Zoho Projects is a great tool I’ve found to be extremely easy to use and highly cost-effective. The features of this online management software enable my employees to be more efficient by keeping communication, project to-dos and files in one central location. Great product!

William Craig, President WebPage FX

For Cloudcamper, Zoho Projects provides cloud-based collaboration that supports the company’s structure and work style. "If we didn’t use Zoho Projects, our job would be hard. We’d have to use a shared spreadsheet or something to get an overview of all our projects", said Debaere. Now, we open Zoho Projects and in one view, we see all our open projects and their status.

Philip Debaere, Managing Partner Cloudcamper

We've been following Zoho for a long time," said Patel. So using Zoho Projects, an online tool, to help improve our company and improve our project management overall is a huge validation of Zoho and the online philosophy. As a team, we're all using the same tool, and we're all on the same page and on top of our projects.

Nishant Patel, President Raw Engineering

Search & Social has utilized Zoho Projects for 6 months now for project management of a staff of over 20 employees and more than 25 clients. Zoho Projects has helped us streamline the project management, reporting and resolutions under one central system. We're also using Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice to manage our business orders from lead to payment to facilitation and reporting using CRM, Invoice and Projects and are very happy with Zoho. Also, since a lot of our staff are in different offices and locations, the social media aspects of Zoho Projects have helped to enforce our company mission of Teamwork and Quality ... Zoho helps the team get to know each other as much as work together.

As a multinational corporation running various different projects simultaneously, we strongly rely on proper planning, communication and reporting tools. Zoho Projects helps our quality assurance to continuously oversee ongoing projects and immediately address upcoming issues on a weekly basis. Smart functionality, continuous updates, integration with other ZOHO tools, generic application interfaces and a sympathetic developer team make ZOHO Projects our first choice cloud computing project management tool.

Julian Weber, B.A. HSG, Managing Director Secure Link Services Ltd

We have used their product for many years. I would say our productivity increased dramatically with our migration to Google Apps and use of Zoho Projects. It is now possible for our teams and clients scattered around the world to work seamlessly. It is possible to convert a Google email to a Zoho project task with just a click of a button. I think it is a fantastic time saving, productivity improving feature. Great job. One more thing - they are very responsive to our suggestions for new features or enhancements.

Sudheer Marisetti, President Abacus Concepts Inc (USA)

Zoho Projects is incredibly powerful and because of it we no longer use emails for communication between projects members but rather use the user forums and messaging for constant communication all in one place. It was by far the easiest to use and the best online project management service for our company.

Raymond Gonzalez, Site Administrator

Zoho Projects has been an excellent online project collaboration tool and Zoho is by far my favourite as it is feature rich and easy to use. Well done on an excellent product !

Stuart Jeffrey, eCommerce Project Manager Ingram Micro Europe

We have completed over 100 projects using Zoho Projects. Zoho is definitely moving in the right direction and a force to be reckon with.

Your product offers TONS more features than other platforms out there and works FANTASTIC! ...

We are providing services under IT/ITES category to our clients in US. We find Zoho Projects very easy to handle and assign tasks to our team members working on various projects. The employees feel much better in doing collaboration with their peers and the client. The features recently added to Zoho were much appreciated by our team. Also, we have been much impressed with your Customer Support who provide instant service. We recommend zoho projects for all Small and Medium Business entities.

We've been using Zoho projects for years. It works well for projects of different size. Would recommend any startup.

Sasha Baksht Techbridge

This is a GREAT tool that has helped us build an HDTV Production Trailer for China Central Television (CCTV) for the Summer Olympics. We also used it for building nine TV News Vehicles for KABC in Los Angeles

Bob King, International Sales Manager FrontlineCommunications

We are a small non-profit publishing house involved in preparing schoolbooks for children in several European nations. Over the last 2+ years, Zoho Projects became an indispensable tool in managing the work of our staff and associates located in 12 different countries collaborating on over 50 concurrent projects. It helped our organization become more disciplined about meeting deadlines and following our quality control procedures. Before switching to Zoho, we typically produced 4 to 6 books a year. Since then, we are in the 15-20 range, with significant improvements in quality. We appreciate the Zoho Projects team for their continuous work in improving their product and a wonderfully responsive customer service.

Bartosz Rybinski

We have been utilizing Zoho Projects for over a year and couldn't be more pleased with the product. We are always using Zoho with our clients and they are able to quickly understand how to interact with the system. The enhancements that are regularly added continue to make this THE project management tool. We don't know how we would effectively manage projects without Zoho.

We have a dispersed leadership team from coast to coast. I looked at a number of different collaborative solutions and was very impressed with Zoho. The price was very reasonable, the functionality is very extensive, and I have had very good response from the support staff in responding to issues and inquiries. In addition, they are also continually adding to the functionality based on customer input.

My client had never used Zoho before. Once I'd set up the whole project on Zoho I shared it with him. His response after visiting Zoho was "I knew straight away this was going to be a well managed project"

Raphe Patmore Consulting Services

Zoho Projects was the low cost, high value option which we selected to more efficiently run our 20-person program and design team - who are spread across three countries. It has tripled our productivity and eliminated many development problems.

Celtic Catalysts has been using Zoho projects for 2.5 years and we’ve found it excellent for sharing information as our company is spread across 4 different sites. It has been very useful for allocating resources, archiving reports and following the progress of projects. It is reliable, easy to use and even our less computer literate members of staff can make use of the general features. The IT help has been very good, queries have been answered and resolved the same day.

Jenny Rickerby Celtic Catalysts, Chemicals