Zoho People feature updates: What’s new for August?

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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August product updates in Zoho People

At Zoho People, we are constantly trying to introduce features that make our product more useful to our customers. These features upgrade and improve our product, making it a complete HR management suite. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance Zoho People, we’re very delighted to announce our latest set of feature updates. Here’s a quick glimpse of all the features and enhancements released in Zoho People during August:

  • Create learning plans in your LMS

Continuous learning and development opportunities have to be provided to your employees to help them acquire new skills and improve their work. Having a focused learning approach helps to motivate employees so they get the most out of their professional development. That’s why we’ve introduced the Learning Plan feature in our Learning Management System (LMS). In a learning plan, you can outline all the courses that employees have to take to acquire a particular skill. Create different levels that contain multiple courses within a specific learning plan. Make some courses mandatory and set eligibility criteria for access to different learning plans. Learn how to create a learning plan in our LMS.

  • Configure restriction settings for submitting timesheets

Timesheets allow you to track the time employees spend on different projects and bill your clients accurately. Having a regularized timesheet submission system can improve project management and save you a substantial amount of time. With our new enhancement, you can define a specified period (day/week/month) during which employees must submit their timesheets. While choosing a week or month, you can choose a specific time range within the week or month during which the timesheets should be submitted. You can also prevent employees from submitting multiple timesheets within the same time period. Learn how to configure restriction settings.

  • Define the minimum and maximum hours for timesheets

With this feature, you can define the minimum and maximum hours that employees must log per day or week. If an employee has recorded less than the minimum hours or more than the maximum hours on their timesheet, they’ll get a prompt saying that their logged hours are less or more than the specified hours. When sent for approval, the approver will also get the same prompt. Learn how to enable this feature here.

  • Extend the self-appraisal period

Self-appraisals allow your employees to assess and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This enables employees to take ownership over their performance and set personal goals that will help them to work better for their organization. With Zoho People, self-appraisals can be conducted effortlessly by defining the self-appraisal period alongside usual performance reviews. With our new enhancement, employees can raise a request to extend the self-appraisal period if they are not able to complete the review before the deadline. This can be approved or rejected by the appraisal admin. This makes the process more flexible and less stress-inducing, especially when employees are busy with multiple work tasks.

These features have been introduced to help Zoho People be more user-friendly, making HR management easy and effective. Give these features a try, and let us know what you think in the comments section below! In case you have any questions regarding these features, feel free to email us at support@zohopeople.com.

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