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Top reasons why mobile learning is essential for your organization

  • Last Updated : June 28, 2024
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Benefits of mobile learning

Many organizations are encouraging flexibility in their workplace, and mobile learning is part of that. Smartphones have completely changed the corporate training landscape by becoming one of the best professional development mediums there is. Research conducted by the Brandon Hall Group has revealed that providing mobile learning is one of the top three training priorities for businesses. They are adopting mobile learning because it provides a better learning experience for employees. Many of the hurdles associated with traditional classroom training, like the lack of time, information overload, low learner engagement, and less accessibility, can be prevented with mobile learning. Here are six reasons why your employees should have access to mobile learning:

  • Provides a flexible learning experience

Before the advent of mobile learning, employees had to gather in a physical place to take up a training course. Not every employee will be comfortable with this setup because not everyone learns at the same speed. With mobile learning, employee training is not confined within four walls. It allows your employees to learn at their own pace from where they are comfortable, which means your remote workers can participate with their in-office peers. With a stable internet connection, your employees can access learning content like videos, documents, podcasts, URLs, and more at their convenience. This allows them to choose the type of content that is most suitable for them.

  • Saves a substantial amount of time

Several factors including time, venue, and employee availability must be taken into account while organizing classroom training for employees. These aspects don’t impact mobile learning in the same way, so even a large workforce can be trained at once. Research conducted by Merril Lynch has also found that mobile learning allowed employees to complete a course 45% faster, giving them more time for their normal job responsibilities. With mobile learning, more employees can be trained in a shorter period of time without sacrificing knowledge retention.

  • Teaches relevant skills to employees

Unlike classroom training, your employees can take any course that they feel is necessary to enhance their skills. This empowers them to take charge of their professional development and motivates them to achieve their learning goals. Also, as technology is adopted more in the workplace, your employees can learn how to use it easily with mobile learning. Having how-to guides on their mobile devices allows your employees to refer to them whenever they have doubts.

  • Leads to better business outcomes

Mobile learning is one of the most robust innovations that has the potential to improve your business. As it is easily accessible, your organization can respond well to changing market conditions. Trained employees are more efficient and tend to make better use of organizational resources. Also, as mobile learning gives employees several opportunities to advance in their career, employee retention increases. So, this is a win-win situation for your organization and your employees.

  • Enhances employee engagement

Unlike the one-size-fits-all model, mobile learning can provide a personalized training experience to your employees, and this goes a long way toward keeping them engaged. It allows them to access the course content whenever they need it the most. Mobile learning also supports quick, real-time feedback, improving the learner’s engagement and the overall efficiency of the course. It is best suited for millennials and Gen Z, who have grown up with technology.

  • Improves employee performance

One of the key features of mobile learning is that it does not disrupt your employee’s routine work. Also, mobile learning content is more interesting and engaging, allowing your employees to retain knowledge better. They can then apply this knowledge more effectively on the job. When they need clarification, they can always access the content with their mobile devices. Generally, when employees know that their organization invests in innovative learning techniques to improve their performance, they tend to work harder toward achieving organizational goals.

As the use of smartphones has increased exponentially, it’s highly essential to recognize the value of mobile learning and develop an effective mobile learning program for your organization. It’s one of the most successful extensions of e-learning, which can step up your organization’s training and development. With a proper Learning Management System (LMS), developing a mobile learning program is easy. Zoho People’s LMS can streamline training across your organization and provide a better e-learning experience to your employees. As a part of Zoho People’s efforts to help organizations create better learning programs, we are excited to announce that our LMS module will now be available in our android and iOS mobile application. Learning materials including videos, e-books, exercises, test forms, and more are accessible on the go, breaking time constraints and geographical boundaries.

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