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How a flexible holiday policy improves employee productivity

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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More and more, a flexible work environment is becoming expected by employees. They enjoy a workplace that allows them to do their jobs without compromising their personal responsibilities. To cater to this, many companies have started to implement flexible holiday policies. They see how taking time off helps employees manage burnout and increase productivity when they return to work. West Monroe Partners conducted a survey that revealed how flexibility in the workplace during the holiday season increases the productivity of employees more than any other benefit, including rewards, bonuses, and office parties.

Holiday flexibility is also beneficial to firms with younger employees. Millennials, who will constitute 50% of the workforce by 2020, demand work-life balance and a flexible work environment. Having a flexible holiday policy makes the company attractive to these candidates, and this helps firms attract and retain skilled workers.

In order to implement a flexible holiday policy, employers have to overcome the stigma that it will decrease employee productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that holiday flexibility actually improves the relationship between your employee and their job.

Employee engagement

When employees are allowed to balance their professional and personal lives, they feel happier at work. They believe that you support their family needs. Happier employees are more likely to stay engaged with their jobs. This leads to lower employee turnover, and the quality of the work they do will improve.

Breaks from work

Not receiving adequate time off during the holidays can make employees less productive. A survey conducted in the UK by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) revealed that 15% of employees think that traditional work environments decrease their productivity, and 20% think that flexibility increases it. Time off often allows employees to appreciate their workplace more, and this appreciation pushes them to try harder in their job. Though the concept of allowing more time away from work may seem counterintuitive, it leads to greater productivity.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is a vital aspect of an organization. During the holiday season, trying to balance both professional and personal commitments often causes your employees stress and leads to burnout. A healthy balance between work life and personal life is necessary to be more productive. At present, many employees are reluctant to use their time off due to the fear of their work accumulating. To make it worse, long periods or work without a break causes employees to become exhausted and unmotivated about social activities. This can become a vicious cycle where employees feel like they have no control. Being flexible about time off allows employees to take time when they need it and manage their own work-life balance. Additionally, it creates less stress for an employee when taking time off is something a company expects from its employees rather than condemns.

Employee satisfaction

Being strict about time off leaves employees feeling dissatisfied, whereas a flexible holiday policy builds a feeling of trust. Giving employees the freedom to plan their own vacation time enhances their satisfaction levels. It also helps employees see that they are respected and appreciated by their company. When the rules are flexible and accommodating, employees will feel better about following them. Lastly, insufficient holiday time off leads to detachment from the workplace. Your employee’s job satisfaction reduces as their autonomy over their time off does.

A flexible holiday policy positively influences employee productivity. This is one of the best ways to retain employees and ensure that they remain productive throughout the year. When employees are made responsible for their time off and there is flexibility from managers, it encourages open communication and fosters employee happiness. Conventional holiday policies are a thing of the past. When you decide to be more free with your leave policies, employees are not just more satisfied and productive, but they also build a sense of loyalty to your company and its values.

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