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  • Last Updated : December 22, 2023
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The importance of building a culture of continuous learning at work cannot be overstated. Helping your employees acquire new skills regularly can ensure your organization adapts to market changes effortlessly. It'll also make your organization more competitive and enable it to come out of challenging situations and business disruptions much stronger.

Training should be regular, accessible, and enjoyable at your workplace. However, organizing training programs manually can make the entire process tiring both for your employees and your HR team. Zoho People, our comprehensive HR software, comes with an intuitive learning management system (LMS) that makes organizing training programs a breeze. Here's how Zoho People's LMS can empower your organization to build a culture of continuous learning by making the process incredibly easy:

  • Makes training easily accessible

Zoho People's LMS is a must-have for ongoing training because it makes creating multiple courses incredibly easy. Using the system, you can give the course a name, define its learning objectives, select the learning style, add applicable learners, attach the required learning materials, assign an admin who can oversee the course, and complete a few other preliminary steps. Once the courses are added, your employees will be able to manage their training programs on the go through Zoho People's web and mobile applications. They'll be able to view all the applicable courses, enroll for a course, access the learning materials, take tests, stay on top of assignments, and do a lot more. Since all of their training activities are centralized, training becomes more accessible, which is the first step to making training more regular.

  • Simplifies every aspect of training

With Zoho People's LMS, almost every process involved in organizing a training program can be simplified and streamlined. For instance, the first step in creating a course is to identify the skill gaps among your employees. The LMS in Zoho People works closely with the app's performance management system to identify which skills employees are lacking and the level of proficiency in each skill they currently possess.

Tests, assignments, and grading are essential in a training program, as they allow you to assess each employee's level of understanding. With Zoho People's LMS, you can add a test in just a few steps. You can either add questions directly from the question bank, or use our random-question generator. Similarly, assignments and grades can further help you evaluate each learner's performance. You can set a weight for individual assignments and online tests and grade employees accordingly.

  • Keeps learners engaged

Providing engaging learning experiences to your employees will help them stay motivated and keep them from dreading training programs. Zoho People's LMS has been built with learner needs in mind. It supports different learning styles, including self-paced,blended, and instructor-led learning to ensure that individuals can learn in a way that suits their preferences.

Additionally, Zoho People's LMS supports a discussion forum where learners can come together to share their perspectives, get their questions answered, and discuss different concepts in depth. Zoho People's LMS also supports training materials in different formats like videos, podcasts, decks, and PDFs that are easy to digest. These resources can be accessed by employees anywhere, at any time.

  • Provides insights on learners' strengths and weaknesses

After spending so much effort organizing a training program, you want to make sure that you can identify problem areas for learners and offer them the support they need to get the best out of your courses. Zoho People comes with a Manager Evaluation feature, a tool that can help managers understand learner performance. It sheds light on learners' strengths and weaknesses based on their performance in a course. Managers can make use of a simple scoring method or use the advanced rubrics system to evaluate learners.

  • Identifies areas of improvement

Zoho People's LMS comes with many reports that offer key insights into each one of your training programs. For instance, certain reports highlight the course and trainer ratings provided by participants. This helps you evaluate which of your training programs are performing well and which are not. Similarly, the course progress report in Zoho People's LMS shows each course's completion percentage. If some courses are progressing slowly, there may be something that learners find challenging about them. The course materials report number and type of report are attached to each course so that you know if some courses are lacking the necessary materials.

Wrapping up

Zoho People's intuitive and user-friendly LMS has everything that an organization will ever need to provide consistent training opportunities to their employees and help them thrive. HR teams manage all training-related activities from a single, centralized system. Learn more about Zoho People's learning management system. 

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