Boost employee engagement with Zia, our AI-enabled HR chatbot

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Redefine employee engagement with Zia

Chatbots have evolved far beyond their humble beginnings as automated answering machines. They are now used by almost every business in some capacity.

To keep up with the emerging trends of the dynamic workforce, HR teams across industries are developing strategies to elevate the employee experience, and chatbots are a useful addition.

The HR industry continues to face difficulties in predicting people's behavior, which impacts employee engagement levels in the long run. A flexible HR service delivery platform is a step in the right direction to ensure consistent and timely HR services while maintaining a positive experience for employees.

What is an HR chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs designed to respond to user queries in real time. An HR chatbot serves as an assistant to the HR department, helping employees complete routine tasks without human intervention.

Built with a conversational interface, chatbots are deployed on multiple platforms, including websites, mobile applications, and messaging systems.

Why do you need an HR chatbot?

HR chatbots are expected to reduce business expenditures by over $8 billion by 2022, according to Juniper Research. As chat-based communications begin to rise tremendously, HR teams rely on bots to provide an interactive experience while simultaneously boosting the productivity of their dynamic workforce.

Here’s why businesses prefer HR chatbots:

1. Instant responses

Employees can focus on meaningful work while continuing to complete urgent tasks thanks to chatbots' rapid response times.

2. Easy accessibility

Employees experience less stress when resources are easily accessible. The 24/7 omni-channel response capability makes HR chatbots even more appealing.

3. Improved employee engagement

Chatbots analyze and process user queries to deliver relevant answers, and AI generates personalized recommendations based on user interactions, all of which results in an engaging experience for employees.

ZIA: our AI-enabled HR chatbot

Zia, the smart AI assistant by Zoho, serves as an effective tool across every department. From answering common questions and automating routine tasks to generating reports and identifying anomalies, Zia does it all.

The next time you need assistance from your HR department, just ask Zia!

Zia provides prompt responses to all of your HR questions and assists you in finishing your tasks on schedule.

Boost employee engagement with Zia

A positive employee experience is at the core of every successful business, and we at Zoho take that very seriously. Zoho People and Zia empower your employees to carry out daily HR tasks without the hassle. Below is a complete list of things Zia can do for your employees:

1. Check in and check out: Mark your attendance for the day with the simple click of a button.

2. Apply leave: Specify the leave details and Zia will complete the leave application process for you.

3. Display leave reports: Zia can pull up information regarding your time off availability and upcoming holidays on demand.

4. Fetch pending task lists: Plan your day better by taking a quick look into all your pending tasks.

5. Rapid HR service delivery: Ask Zia anything and it will fetch you answers from the FAQ page. If your question is beyond the scope of the FAQ database, Zia will politely prompt you to open a case and redirect you to the right expert.

Final Thoughts

HR departments are constantly inventing strategies to meet changing organizational needs and improve employee engagement. Chatbots remain relevant despite evolving demands, and they are very often seen as essential to daily operations. They play a critical role in reducing the burden on HR professionals, thanks to their ability to handle various business functions with ease.

Read in detail about what Zia can do for your HR department in our HR Knowledge Hive.

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