April feature updates: What's new in Zoho People

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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April product updates in Zoho People

As we step into May, we wanted to keep you updated on some amazing features and enhancements that were introduced in Zoho People last month. With these features, we strive to improve our product, cater to our customer requirements, and add more value to our end users. Here's everything new in Zoho People since April:

  • Importing and exporting job schedules

The Job Schedule feature under our Timesheet module allows you to better manage important tasks without unnecessary confusion. With a few clicks, you can create a job schedule, assign it to a specific employee, and define the time frame within which the task has to be completed. In April, we introduced import and export options for this feature to make the process even easier. You can now import job schedules in bulk to your Zoho People account. Similarly, these job schedules can be exported in a single action. Learn more about how to import and export job schedule data

  • Update to our course cloning feature

Recently, we introduced a feature that saves time for course administrators by allowing them to duplicate a course instead of creating another one from scratch. Previously, the course overview, modules, and members could be instantly mapped to a new course. With our new enhancement, you can also clone the resources and pre- and post-course activities from an existing course. This speeds the process up even further, and it helps ensure continuity in how the course is structured and what materials are available to learners. This is especially useful for courses that are given multiple times to different sets of employees.  

  • New "Approve" option in Zoho Sign

Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Sign, our e-signature tool, to make document management as easy as possible for our customers. As an HR professional, you'll have to deal with offer letters, onboarding paperwork, promotion letters, training certificates, resignations, and more, all of which require a signature. Using Zoho People, you can use workflows to automate the e-signature process. Before, any documents sent through workflows could only be viewed and signed by the recipients. With our new enhancement, you can now send documents for approval, and the recipient signs as the approver. Learn more about using workflows to get e-signatures.

  • Appraisers can import salary hikes

The salary hike feature is available as part of Zoho People's performance management system to facilitate salary revisions and raises. By updating employee salary information, a salary hike for each employee can be proposed and approved inside Zoho People. With our new enhancement, appraisers can import an employee's salary hike information, including their name, hike percentage, and the justification for the proposed hike percentage. This makes the process of amending salaries for routine raises faster and more efficient.

With these enhancements, we hope to help our customers better manage their people and make HR management less stressful. We would love to hear how these features helped you improve HR management at your organization. Let us know in the comments section below!

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