About Women Win

"The productivity of our HR department has increased by 200% since the launch of Zoho People".

Catalina Robu, Project Manager, Women Win

About Women Win

Women Win is the global leader in adolescent girls' and young women’s empowerment through sport. They leverage the power of play to help girls and women build leadership skills and become better equipped to exercise their rights. They (re)grant and manage funds, liaise with partners, train and consult on a variety of topics. They also create innovative tools, games, and programs that can be implemented locally or globally to improve gender equity.

Since 2007, Women Win has impacted the lives of over two million adolescent girls and young women in over 100 countries. "We currently support initiatives in collaborations with a wide variety of grassroots women’s organizations, corporates, development organizations, sports bodies, and government agencies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North and South America," said Catalina Robu, Project Manager at Women Win.

Their Vision: “Every adolescent girl and young woman exercises her rights: Address gender-based violence, access sexual and reproductive health and rights, and achieve economic empowerment.”

A Growing Pile Of Documents

Prior to Zoho People, Women Win managed employee records manually. Paper records and transaction details such as travel authorizations, holiday requests, employee files, and data management were printed and stored in three-ring binders for each employee. "While this worked well for a very small organization, as we grew, so did our people management needs," recollects Catalina.

Women Win compared Zoho People to four other HR software platforms and chose it based on their requirements.

Zoho People stood out as having the HR features that we required the most for the right price," notes Catalina.

How Zoho People Empowered Women Win

"Life is much easier! With a few keystrokes, we can find relevant information, transaction details, documents, policies, etc. on each individual employee and the company as a whole," says Catalina, " Saves insurmountable time and resources as a collective, digital warehouse for our HR requirements."

Catalina observes that Leave Tracker, Travel, HR Files, Organization and employee data management are the most used features of Zoho People at Women Win.

"The productivity of our HR department has increased by 200% since the launch of Zoho People," said Catalina, "In addition to improvements in our HR department, our staff has embraced the use of Zoho People and tend to forget life before Zoho".Each feature in Zoho People has replaced countless forms, which Women Win had to fill out, earlier. This has resulted in Women Win employees saving a tremendous amount of transaction time . "We stand out as a leader amongst our peers in HR management," said Catalina.