About Dafater

"We have more structure and it’s all streamlined. We are saving a lot of time which can be used productively"

Karim Ibrahim, Founder, Dafater

About Dafater

Karim Ibrahim founded Dafater Consultants in 2014. And although headquartered in Jordan, Dafater has cultivated significant presence in India, providing turnkey solutions to multinationals who want to do business on the subcontinent. Dafater's specialty is providing financial services primarily to clients who are SMEs from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, who must adapt to India's new regulatory environment.

Dafater's unique niche is providing a full range of accounting services, including VAT know-how for GCC, backed up with their already specialized expertise in India's new Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its legacy indirect tax system, as well as the Companies Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Likewise, Dafater helps its clients to finalize the audit requirements, while ensuring full compliance with all relevant laws.

Manual Processes Impede Efficiency

When Dafater was established, managers completed all HR functions manually, as they did not have a dedicated HR department.

“No software. Excel sheets, manual forms, and the like,” said Karim Ibrahim, Founder and Director at Dafater. “It was a nightmare to keep track of everything,” he recalls, “and not everybody loved the attendance system that was in place.” Physical forms had to be filled out, then submitted; then, those were opened, the data entered, and finally approved. Once business started booming, it became onerous for Dafater to manage all its functions. A decision was made to migrate all crucial functions to software-based solutions.

Earlier, Dafater had a great experience migrating to Zoho Books from Tally. “Despite being an accountant, I found some of the alternatives difficult to use. I found Zoho Books and was intrigued by it,” notes Karim. This prompted him to use Zoho People on a trial basis. Dafater has since been one of Zoho People’s most loyal customers.

Streamlining Management Using Zoho People

Having visited Zoho's HQ in Chennai to attend a Zoho People event, Karim says that it was a great experience, and HR management has been much easier after the implementation of People. “We started with just the Attendance Module, and recently started using the Appraisal Module and adding skills. It’s been an amazing experience,” said Karim. “Having all the information (such as contact info, employee availability, documents and more) in a single place enables you to manage your business more easily and efficiently, ” he added.

The Attendance and Leave modules make it easy for Dafater to manage leaves, look up employee attendance, and generate reports. As Dafater continues to grow, they expect more decentralization in the organization, and they intend to utilize all the features of Zoho People to coordinate operations. “We have more structure and it’s all streamlined. We are saving a lot of time which can be used productively,” observes Karim. He concluded by saying, “We trust you and you have a great product.”