About Athreon

"Zoho has simplified so many of our company's HR tasks. We couldn't imagine going back to the way we used to manage our HR processes."

Sterling Garde, Founder & President, Athreon

About Athreon

Since 1988, Athreon has specialized in converting speech to text in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible by blending highly-skilled labor with cutting-edge technology. Through continual focus on improving business processes and delivering maximum ROI for the past 30 years, Athreon has become one of the leading transcription outsourcing companies in North America . Athreon provides customized information management solutions that encompass Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition, EHR Interfaces, Mobile Apps, Electronic Signature, and File Management Solutions. Its main focus has been delivering affordable and accurate documents as quickly as possible, and its solutions are used in a range of industries including healthcare, law enforcement, academic, legal, entertainment, and media settings.

HR processes that worked in silos

Before switching to Zoho People, Athreon's paper-based and computer systems were siloed, inefficient, and prone to human error. "Zoho has helped us to gain incredible efficiency, transparency, and accuracy with many of our HR tasks," said Sterling Garde, Founder & President of Athreon. "We love how easy the software is especially for time-keeping and leave requests."

He notes that the mobile app makes connecting from outside the office a breeze. Speaking about Zoho People's support he said, "We also love how rapid the support is when we have questions."

Athreon chose Zoho over other HR solutions because they believe it's cost-effective and rich in features. "The value it offers over the competition is tremendous," said Sterling. "Zoho also regularly releases new enhancements, which only improve our HR processes."

HR processes simplified and streamlined

When asked about their experience switching to Zoho People Sterling said, "Before we used Zoho People, the manual processes we had in place were considerably more time-consuming for both management and our employees. The self-service approach that Zoho makes possible has really alleviated a lot of stressors.The differences before we used Zoho and now makes clear how invaluable Zoho has become to our organization."

Talking about the most used features in Zoho People, "We have many favorite features including the Announcements module, which helps us to communicate important updates quickly to staff members all over the country," he said, "The Organization Chart, which updates in real-time, helps employees know exactly who is responsible for what in the company."

Athreon says that the Time Tracker feature is invaluable to its billing processes because it helps employees accurately record how much time they spend working on client projects. By using automation features for leave requests, Athreon's management can monitor and make quick decisions about time-off requests. They also centralized important documents for staff members to regularly reference using the Files module. Additionally, Sterling believes that the ability to customize forms has made it possible to adapt Zoho People to Athreon's precise HR needs.

With the performance module, Athreon can set goals and provide feedback for employees in Zoho People, helping manage employee development objectives. "Even fun features like employee birthday and anniversary reminders make it so that we never miss important employee dates. There's not just one favorite feature, there are several! " explains Sterling.

Athreon didn't realize how many HR processes it could streamline until deploying Zoho People. They initially started with just a few of Zoho People's features before utilizing more. "Those initial features helped us to gain efficiencies, it gave us the confidence to deploy even more of them with great success," observes Sterling.

Sterling happily says, "Zoho has simplified so many of our company's HR tasks. We couldn't imagine going back to the way we used to manage our HR processes."