Recorded Webinars

  • Improve your website conversions this 2021
    By Pavithra Rajasekaran

    This webinar touches upon

    • The Importance of conversion rate optimization
    • Leveraging your existing traffic to improve conversions
    • Understanding your visitors' online behavior and giving them a personalized experience
    • How you can use Zoho PageSense to optimize your website and boost conversion rates
    Pavithra Rajasekaran
    By Pavithra RajasekaranContent Marketer, Zoho PageSense
  • 11 Questions to Stop Being Afraid to Ask About Your Business
    By AJ Davis

    In this webinar, AJ Davis will be talking about the 11 questions you should ask about your business, and the research tactics you can carry out using heatmaps, A/B tests, and surveys, in order to grow your business.

    By AJ DavisFounder of Experiment Zone
  • 1,000 hours in 15 minutes: Optimize your session recording analysis
    By Brian David Hall

    In this webinar, Brian David Hall, will tell you how to

    • Prioritize visitor segments
    • Tag and filter your most important sessions
    • Delegate analysis to save 1,000 hours
    • Socialize session recordings within your organization by hosting a Movie Night
    By Brian David HallSaaS Growth Marketer
  • What you can learn from analyzing your visitor's behavior
    By Vignesh Prakash

    In this webinar, we'll discuss

    • The importance of visitor behavior analysis
    • The different ways in which you can read your visitor's behavior
    • How you can use Zoho PageSense to understand your visitors, and give them a personalized website experience to boost conversions
    By Vignesh PrakashLead - Business Development, Zoho PageSense
  • How to get more visitors to complete your web forms
    By Vaijayanthi Narasimhan

    • The reasons why visitors abandon forms
    • How to tackle form abandonments and increase conversions
    • How to measure the performance of your forms using Form Analytics
    • How you can use PageSense to optimize your forms and increase form submissions
    By Vaijayanthi NarasimhanProduct Marketing Manager
  • How to maximize your conversions using existing website traffic
    By Balarohini Paulraj

    This webinar will tell you how to leverage your existing traffic to improve conversions and how you can use Zoho PageSense to optimize your website and boost conversion rates.

    Balarohini Paulraj
    By Balarohini PaulrajLead - User Education
  • HELP! I’m doing everything right but it’s not working!
    By Theresa Baiocco-Farr

    In this webinar, Theresa Baiocc-Farr will tell you how to

    • Spot the biggest problems on your website
    • Prioritize your time and money
    • Avoid the common mistakes that big brands make
    • See what worked in successful optimization programs
    By Theresa Baiocco-FarrCRO and UX Specialist at Conversion Max
  • Simplify your visitor-to-customer journey using Session Recording
    By Pavithra Rajasekaran

    In this webinar, you'll learn

    • How you can use session recording to analyse your visitor behavior
    • Benefits of using session recording for your website
    • How to use PageSense's session recording to give your visitors the best website experience
    Pavithra Rajasekaran
    By Pavithra RajasekaranContent Marketer, Zoho PageSense
  • 7 deadly copywriting sins (and how to avoid them)
    By James E. Turner

    In this webinar, James touches upon:

    • The 7 types of copy on a landing page
    • How to make sure each piece of copy is doing its job
    • Why context matters so much in writing headlines
    • How to tell a story down the page
    • What goes into an effective CTA
    • James-Turner
      By James E. TurnerCo-Owner & CRO Director at SNAP Copy
  • How to collect and use the voice of your customers to increase conversions
    By Rachael Pilcher

    In this webinar, Rachael talks about:

    • The many benefits of doing customer research
    • The consequences of not doing research
    • 3 simple ways to collect the voice of your customers
    • The questions you need to ask your customers
    • How to pull the right messages from your research
    • How to use these messages in your copy to drive conversions
    By Rachael PilcherB2B & SaaS Conversion Copywriter
  • Understanding visitor behavior using Heatmaps
    By Vignesh Prakash

    In this webinar, you will learn how to

    • Understand visitors : The various ways in which they engage with your website
    • Measure engagement: The elements that grab your visitors' attention and elements that distract them.
    • Use PageSense’s heatmaps to achieve all of this
    By Vignesh PrakashLead - Business Development, Zoho PageSense
  • Why you should optimize your website now more than ever
    By Sharath Sudharsan

    This webinar will help you understand the importance of conversion rate optimization in the present world scenario, and how you can use Zoho PageSense to optimize your website and boost conversion rates.

    By Sharath SudharsanLead - Product Consultant, Zoho PageSense
  • 10 ways to boost your optimization program
    By Amrdeep Athwal

    In this webinar, Amrdeep spills the bean about ways in which you can improve the quality of your experimentation and ensure your results are sustainable, repeatable and consistent.

    By Amrdeep AthwalConversion Optimization Specialist
  • How any business can optimize like
    By Duncan Heath

    This webinar will show you the wide-ranging and significant benefits that businesses of any size can achieve by optimizing the experience customers receive. It will teach you how to optimize using a scientific test-and-learn approach that will generate measurable uplift.

    By Duncan HeathStrategy Director, Fresh Egg
  • An Overview of Zoho PageSense
    By Krishna Kumar

    This webinar will give you an overview of the CRO process. We'll cover tracking drop-offs using Funnel Analysis, analyzing visitor behavior using Heatmaps and Form Analytics, and optimizing conversions using A/B Tests and Split URL Tests. We’ll also be giving you a sneak peek into the upcoming product updates.

    By Krishna KumarBusiness Development Manager