Support Your Customers with Zoho One

Zoho One gives your support team a comprehensive set of tools to field support requests across channels, resolve problems quickly, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Support Customers Across Channels

Every customer has a preferred way to seek assistance. Zoho One gives you the tools to support customers across channels while managing every request from one place.


Create email support aliases for a professional look.

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Bridge your help desk with your phone system.


Social Media

Turn social media posts into support tickets.

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Live Chat

Chat with customers and website visitors online.

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live chat


Empower customers with self-service support resources.

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self service

Remote Assistance

Take control of your client's desktop to solve problems remotely.

remote assistance

Define and Improve Your Support Process

Good support teams are quick, helpful, friendly, and consistent. Zoho One gives you tools to create efficient and repeatable support processes for your team to follow.

  • Support Process Automation

    Define and automate your support process with Blueprint.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Track ticket resolutions times, customer satisfaction, and other KPIs.

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Improve Customer Happiness

Quick response and resolutions times are key to a good customer support experience. Zoho One gives support reps tools to respond quicker and keep customers happy.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Speed up response and resolution times with artificial intelligence.

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  • CRM

    Use sales and purchase data for superior support experiences.

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  • Team Communication

    Chat 1-on-1 and within channels to find answers for customers quickly.

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