Frequently Asked Questions

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What's included in Zoho One?

Zoho One includes more than 40 enterprise-level online applications to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more. This plan includes web, mobile, and installed versions of our applications, as well as browser extensions and other useful extras. For more information on what's included, visit our Applications page.


What's not included in Zoho One?

Zoho One doesn't include everything we do. Here's a partial list of what's not included:

  • Zoho CRM Ultimate Edition
  • Zoho Creator Express Plans
  • Applications from our ManageEngine division, including ServiceDesk Plus, Site 24x7, and MDM.
  • Marketplace extensions (though they can be used with Zoho One applications)
  • Domain registration

Where does Zoho One fit within the complete Zoho offering?

There are three different ways to purchase Zoho applications. You can buy individual apps, bundles, or our all-in-one suite.

Zoho One is the all-in-one suite of Zoho applications. You get one account, one support number, and access to pretty much every app we make.

Since we don't want to force anyone to buy Zoho One, there are two other ways you can pay for our apps:

A la carte — This is a great option if you need just one thing or want to mix and match a couple applications.

Bundles — Bundles are packages of several related applications. You're welcome to purchase one, two, or even all four of our bundles (although opting for Zoho One might be a better deal).

CRM Plus — A bundle to reach, acquire, and support your customers.

Finance Plus — A bundle to do your accounting, expenses, inventory management, and more.

Workplace — A bundle of productivity and collaboration applications for getting work done.

Marketing Plus — A bundle to create, execute, and measure your campaigns. Manage all your marketing efforts in one place.


Which editions of the applications are included in Zoho One?

Zoho One gives every employee in your company access to the full-feature, enterprise-level editions of every Zoho One application. 

Does Zoho One include extensions from Zoho Marketplace?

No, it doesn't. However, Marketplace extensions can be used with Zoho One applications.


Are future versions and features of Zoho applications included in Zoho One?

Yes. All updates to our current applications will be included in your Zoho One subscription.


Do you have plans to expand the suite?

Yes. We plan to add more applications to the Zoho One suite. Our goal is to provide every application a business needs to grow and thrive.


When you release new applications, will they be available as part of Zoho One? If so, how do I start using them? 

We plan to expand the suite; however, we're not guaranteeing that every future application we release will be included in the Zoho One suite. If we do add new applications to the Zoho One suite, they will automatically appear in the Applications section of the Admin Panel for your administrator to deploy within the organization.


What applications are you planning to add next?

We want to offer all the applications you may need to run your business. We know we're missing a few things—we run our own 4500+ employee business on Zoho applications—and plan to fill in those blanks. We suggest purchasing Zoho One based on what we have now and not what we might have in the future.


How many apps do you plan to add to Zoho One every year?

We can't say, really. However, in the last 10 years, we've launched more than 35 applications, so that's better than 3.5 apps a year. Will we continue at this pace? It's certainly possible. That said, we recommend purchasing Zoho One based on what we have now and not what we might have later.


Can I use third-party applications with Zoho One?

Absolutely! While our goal is to offer a complete suite of applications with which to run a business, we know there are certain business processes our suite doesn't address. We're also aware that there are competing products that may better suit your needs. We'll continue to develop integrations with third-party applications to make life as easy as we can for you.