Zoho-Ministry of Communication and Information Technology partnership kickstarts digital transformation

This partnership is a powerful step towards facilitating business growth in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, empowering them to leverage the power of technology to accelerate their growth. SME's with valid registration certificates in KSA now have access to more than 50 applications for an entire year, allowing them to streamline their processes and scale their businesses quickly.

How to register?

  • Fill out the registration form to sign up for a Zoho account.
  • You will receive eligibility for a 30-day trial period.
  • We will validate the requests and enable the credits within a week or two.
  • Once we verify and enable your account, a member of our business solutions team will personally contact you to gather the requirements and align with you on the next steps.
Free Access

Get free access to Zoho One for a year

Through this partnership, Saudi SMEs* with valid registration certificate will now get access to $1000 worth of wallet credits to access Zoho One for a year and $5K worth of training from Zoho (either in-person or virtual).We're excited to see the amazing transformations emerging from this partnership and look forward to supporting businesses in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve their digital goals.

*Applicable for companies with less than five employees with validated (Non "free-zone") trade licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is only valid to employees of companies with less than 5 employees, who hold valid trade licenses (Non "free-zone") and have been validated by MCIT.

Am I eligible to claim this offer if I have already registered with Zoho?

No, this offer is only for new zoho customers.

Can these credits be encashed or transferred to bank?

No, the credits can be used only on the Zoho products approved for this program.

Where can the customer view their available credits?

The total available credits for your org can be viewed on your product's Subscription page in the header column.

Can a customer transfer these credits to another customer?

No, the credits can be used only by the organization for which the credits were awarded.

Can a customer transfer these credits to another email of the same org?

No, the credits can be used only by the registered email and cannot be transferred to another email within the same org.

Any exception on the usage of credits?

Only the organization ADMIN has the authority to use these credits on any transaction.

Do I have to pay for storage?

All our products offer you ample storage. You can refer to the plans here.

Can I access my account from anywhere?

You can access our cloud apps from any web browser and with native mobile apps.

How secure is my account?

Security is a key component in our offerings and is reflected in our people, process, and products. To know more visit our Security page .

How do I avail the free training?

You are eligible for 4 hours of expert training either in-person or virtual based on your preference and expert availability.

How can I access my account after signing up?

Kindly go to https://one.zoho.com --> Sign in --> Enter the credential that you used while signing up and sign in.

Can I setup a multi-factor authentication in Zoho One?

Yes, multi-factor authentication can be setup in Zoho One. This enforces the users to have a second level of authentication, using the following methods—Zoho OneAuth, YubiKe, Google Authenticator, and SMS-based OTPs.

Please click this link to set up multi-factor authentication.