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Perhaps we could interest you in your very own Notebook. We've been obsessed with crafting a beautifully simple platform that's powerful enough to replace overly-complicated, bloated note-taking apps. We'd say we're doing that well. Sure, Evernote does a few things we don't; they've been around for more than a decade. But after just two years we're increasingly doing things they can't, all while keeping a clean, playful design.

A notebook for every device

Notebook is available across devices, with strong design continuity between versions. The effect is that each version of Notebook feels familiar, even if you've never used it before. From smartphone to tablet, Mac to Windows, web app to web clippers, your notebooks and notes are always right where you left them.

Notebook for Every Device


The Notebook experience begins when you open the app. We've strived to make Notebook a pleasure to use by incorporating device- and platform-specific features, like gestures or the Touch Bar, into our general design. We've eliminated unnecessary lists and menus so you can quickly access your notes and notebooks. Dare we say, we've actually made note-taking fun.



Evernote Experience Evernote Experience Evernote Experience Evernote Experience
Notebook Experience Notebook Experience Notebook Experience Notebook Experience
Evernote Experience Evernote Experience Evernote Experience Evernote Experience


A note-taking app doesn't have to be boring. Nor does it need to give your thumbs a workout by tapping through clumsy, lifeless menus. We wanted Notebook to be a clean, beautiful, and inspirational space. That's why each notebook cover was hand-drawn by our in-house artists. You can choose one of our 30+ covers, or add your own.

Notebooks Notebooks Notebooks Notebooks
Notebooks Notebooks Notebooks Notebooks

Note Cards

Unlike other note-taking apps, Notebook has unique designs for different note-formats. The Note Card concept allows us to optimize each note format for a pleasurable note-taking experience. Of course, versatility is important, and we've accounted for that too. Text Cards have the ability to hold each type of note-format, allowing you to mix and match as needed.

Checklist card

Text card

Audio card

Sketch card

Note Cards Note Cards Note Cards Note Cards
Note Cards Note Cards Note Cards Note Cards

Smart Cards

Our Note Card concept birthed Smart Cards, which has allowed us to surpass Evernote in a number of ways. Smart Card automatically formats the content you save to Notebook. For example, when you save a recipe to Notebook, we deliciously format an image of the food, ingredients, and cooking instructions. Pretty cool, huh?

Recipe card

Link card

Video card

Smart Cards Smart Cards Smart Cards
Smart Cards Smart Cards Smart Cards

Make it yours

In Notebook, we want you to have lots of options. Each new note comes with a randomly generated background color, which can then be customized. If you find a few colors you love, you can make those your default and stick with them.

make-it-yours make-it-yours
make-it-yours make-it-yours


Sometimes you need to pass notes to other apps. That's why we, like Evernote, integrate with services like Zapier and Zoho Flow to connect with over 1,000 apps. What makes Notebook special is that it's a part of Zoho's always-growing suite of business and productivity applications. So your Notebook account gives you access to an office suite, personal email account, and much more.


Deep functionality

In some ways, we're a victim of our success. People often confuse our slick, simple-looking design with a lack of features. Not true. Notebook boasts a range of functionality, including business card scanning; searching within text and audio notes and images; and Apple Pencil support. If Evernote has one thing on us, it's their nifty handwriting recognition. But not to worry, we're working on that.


Deep Functionality Deep Functionality

Cloud sync

Your notes should be securely stored, available whenever you need them, and both Notebook and Evernote offer a seamless sync. The difference here is that Notebook allows you to sync with unlimited devices for free, while Evernote forces you to pick the two devices you want to sync with. We even encrypt your data at rest.

Cloud Sync

Notebook vs. Evernote

Check out why Notebook Pro is the best choice over Evernote Professional from the below comparison table.

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  • Category Features
  • Core features Price $2.49/month $17.99/month
  •   Storage 100GB 20GB/month
  •   File upload 1GB 200MB
  • Support Email & chat    
  •   Phone call    
  • Share and collaborate Share notes, notebooks, and publish notes    
  •   Real-time collaboration Coming soon  
  • Notable features Recurring reminders    
  •   Forward emails to create notes    
  •   Note templates Coming soon  
  •   Scan business cards and documents    
  •   Search for text in images, handwriting, documents, and PDFs    
  •   Web Clipper    
  • Notebook exclusive Zia (AI-powered writing assistant)    
  •   Video Cards    
  •   Smart Cards    
  •   Spaces    
  •   Noteboards    
  •   Audio/Video call with collaborators    

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