Transform your organization's town hall experience

Switch to Zoho Meeting's virtual town hall platform and transform your company-wide meeting experience once and for all. Provide a hassle-free event for your workforce and engage them with interactive polls and Q&A sessions.


Why choose Zoho Meeting for virtual town halls

Assign co-organizers and moderators

Set the co-organizer and moderator roles to your administration team for a seamless virtual town hall meeting. Get help from co-organizers in answering attendee questions and monitoring polls while keeping the session running.

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Record town hall meetings

Record and replay your virtual town hall sessions. Access meeting recordings in cloud storage to review and gain insights on previous town hall meetings. Enable auto-recording of sessions and share recordings with team members who were absent.

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Live video and virtual backgrounds

Join as organizers, co-organizers, or moderators to connect with members of the organization over live video feed. Then use virtual backgrounds to ensure a disturbance-free video to level up the overall experience.

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Pay as you grow

Make use of Zoho Meeting's variable pricing and choose a webinar plan that suits your business requirements. Our webinar platform comes with different subscription plans for different numbers of attendees, starting from 25 and going all the way up to 3,000 attendees.

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Practice before the event

Make use of practice sessions before you start your virtual town hall broadcast. Rehearse and prepare with your co-organizers to ensure you provide a seamless and engaging virtual experience for your team.

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Hand raising, polls, and Q&A

Level up your internal town hall meetings with polls and live Q&A sessions. Encourage your employees to use the Raise hand feature and post any questions they need to have addressed. Co-organizers can monitor these Q&A sessions and answer them in real time.

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Utilize your organization's domain

Create a custom domain for your business and meet with your organization using a unique domain. Allow participants to register for the session and join from your unique domain. Promote your business while providing a personalized meeting experience for your workforce.

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Make use of Backstage integration

Take advantage of Zoho Meeting's native integration with Zoho Backstage to make use of powerful features like an event lobby and in-depth session reports. Provide your team with a unified platform for conducting organization-wide virtual town hall meetings.

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Benefits of conducting virtual town halls

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Low cost, low effort

Save the cost and effort that's involved in setting up an offline town hall session for your entire workforce. Instead, switch to virtual town hall meetings and effortlessly connect thousands of remote workers in one place.

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Informed workforce

Virtual town halls at regular intervals will keep your remote workforce informed about the organization's progress and goals. It helps establish new bonds and strengthens the existing relationship between executives and teams.

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Constructive feedback

With remote work, it's quite a task to figure out what's going on in your teams' minds. Use regular virtual town halls as a chance to know your team better and understand what they think about the organization and its objectives.

How to conduct virtual town halls in 2022


1. Prepare

Focus on what needs to be discussed and prepare your town hall content. Choose a town hall platform, fix an agenda, and prepare an outline in advance to conduct a seamless company town hall meeting.


2. Schedule

Once you're ready with the town hall content and agenda, schedule your virtual town hall meeting on specific date and time using a town hall platform. Choose a time that's convenient for everyone involved in the virtual town hall meeting.


3. Promote

Once your virtual town hall is finalized, send invites and promote it internally. Share the agenda and objectives of the town hall meeting to establish what needs to be discussed in that specific session.


4. Conduct

Start the session and effortlessly engage with your team using a virtual town hall meeting software. Interact with video feeds, engage your audience with polls, and get all their questions answered in real time.


5. Analyze

Once the town hall meeting is over, go through the analytics and learn how your session performed with the team. Collect feedback to gain insights on past meetings and improve future sessions.

Tips for conducting a successful virtual town hall

1. Introduce a moderator

To ensure smooth flow for the meeting, introduce a moderator to preside over the town hall conference.

2. Engage the team

Break the monotony and keep your town hall participants engaged with polls and Q&A sessions.

3. Get first-hand feedback

Apart from the analytics, you can gather first-hand feedback from the team to better understand what they thought of the session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What are virtual town hall meetings?

Virtual town hall meetings are large-scale online business meetings conducted for company-wide conferences, announcements, and events. Organization executives and leaders conduct them to inform and interact with their employees.

02. What is the value of a virtual town hall?

Town halls are quite valuable for the administration to learn what the team thinks about the company and its goals from time to time.

Conduct immersive town hall meetings with Zoho Meeting

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