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Marketing isn't just about presenting a single message on a single channel; it's about setting up coordinated marketing efforts across multiple channels to get maximum reach for your brand. That kind of unified messaging requires a unified marketing platform. Drive engagement at every customer touchpoint and manage your unique marketing process confidently with Marketing Plus.

All Your Marketing Campaigns In One Place
All Your Marketing Campaigns In One Place

"Appstrail uses Zoho Marketing Plus for our marketing campaigns, and it has simplified the entire process. We especially like Social, which lets us schedule posts, reducing the hassle of uploading them manually. Page Sense is another blessing, which provides all the data that we require to make informed decisions and improve the website" Managing all the marketing activities in one place not only helps us do better at what we were already doing, but also enables us to explore new channels and understand our true marketing ROI for our business. We can't stress enough the importance of having all your marketing in one place.

"Our previous marketing solution required time-consuming and costly customization and engineering support just to provide experiences for our customers that didn't scale or produce meaningful insights. We embraced Zoho's Marketing Platform, integrating Zoho CRM, and now we have a full-stack, unified sales and marketing solution wherein every relevant stakeholder in the organisation is armed with the data and tools to increase engagement and drive customer experience. Our evangelism, marketing, pre-sales, and sales teams collaborate within a single dashboard on the Platform, which houses all of the content and data we use to derive actionable insights and grow the business."

"Zoho Marketing Plus has helped me to pull all of my marketing software together into one spot and made my life much more organized and efficient! Their support is always wonderful to work with and have made the transition to Marketing Plus easy and fun!"

Shreerath Nair, Practice Head Technology, Appstrail
Sundeep MV, Chief Marketing Officer, Techademy (unit of IIHT)
Shannon Payne, Digital Media & Marketing Specialist, NBHRF

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Zoho Marketing Plus is a promising solution. It offers a wide range of functionality that marketers need for successful activities across channels. Looking into the roadmap, Zoho is well on track to provide even more value to marketing departments.

Thomas Wieberneit CEO of Ahead CRM

Zoho’s marketing platform goes a long way towards consolidating the fragmented technology stack marketers use to create and optimize customer experiences. Instead of a myriad of point solutions, marketers are increasingly looking for integrated applications that work smoothly in concert to help them execute campaigns and measure results.

Keith Dawson Vice President & Research Director, Ventana Research

Modern marketing consists of multiple channels across various business stakeholders and messaging continuity is a must. Zoho’s new marketing platform provides a unified suite with built-in omnichannel engagement and marketing tools. This will drive productivity within the marketing team and increase overall visibility.

Cameron Marsh Senior Analyst, Nucleus Research

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Tying it all together

Rather than switching between different products, tabs, accounts, and user experiences, let Marketing Plus unify all of your marketing efforts inside a single screen.

Manage your marketing with confidence.

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