Measure and analyze all your marketing in one place

The success of any marketing campaign is determined by evaluating key marketing metrics. Measure all your marketing efforts across channels like social media, email, website, survey, and advertisements, and visualize them in the form of insightful reports and dashboards. Track how your campaigns are performing: what's working, what's not, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions.

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Why choose Zoho Marketing Plus for your marketing analytics?

  • Analytics is a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool built into the platform that comes at no extra cost.

  • Unified marketing insights with website, social, and cross-functional reports for all your marketing projects.

  • Augmented analytics that blend data across channels to forecast trends and convert data into visualizations in minutes.

Blend data across departments and get a holistic business view

Combine data from across departments to uncover hidden business insights. Find out whether your marketing results in more leads, compare sales and service metrics, create cross-functional reports, and gather unified business insights.

Marketing and sales
Marketing and customer service
Marketing, sales, and customer service

Connect your CRM with Analytics and determine the number of leads generated through a particular campaign, the ROI of your marketing spend, and more.

Marketing and sales dashboard

Keep track of tickets coming in from different marketing channels. Track tickets by source, their resolution time, and check in real time if the service request is from a Twitter, Facebook, Email or any other marketing campaign.

Marketing and customer service dashboard

Create reports spanning data from multiple departments. For example, you can create a report comparing deal size with payment amount and paid invoices to get a deep insight.

Marketing, sales, and customer service dashboard

Powerful analytics features to analyze your marketing impact

Collect data
Clean data
Visualize data
Collaborate on reports
AI-powered Analytics
Data security
Unified interface
Collect data
Import data

Gather data from diverse marketing touchpoints and unify them in one place. Import data from cloud storage services like Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, or import it as Excel or CSV, or as HTML files.

Clean data
Clean data

Use the built-in self-service data preparation tool to clean your data and improve its overall data quality so you can derive meaningful insights.

Visualize data
Visualize data

Convert raw data into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards with 75+ pre-built visualizations and an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. You can visualize your data as charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, and dashboards.

Collaborate on reports

Share the reports and dashboards you create with different access levels and create private links for the reports you want to share securely. You can also create slide shows, combining data with text, images, and captivating stories.

AI-powered Analytics
AI powered analytics

You can ask Zia, our AI assistant, to build reports via voice or chat. Zia also notifies you of data anomalies and deviations from expected trends so you can prevent setbacks.

Data security
Data security

Enterprise-grade security features ensure your data is safe and protected. You can export reports with password protection and have greater control over your data.

Unified interface
Unified interface

Gather data spread across different marketing channels, analyze it, and make informed business decisions all from one place.

Analyze different marketing campaigns in one place

Email marketing
Social marketing
Survey marketing
Website marketing
Event marketing
Google Ads

Drill down deep into email analytics. Measure open rates, click rates, and bounce rates for all your campaigns. Track email open locations, the number of unsubscribes, and more.

Email marketing dashboard

Measure critical KPIs for your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn ad campaigns, such as likes, shares, comments, post impressions, follower demographics, and competitor analysis.

Social marketing dashboard

Make informed business decisions by visualizing customer survey responses. View metrics like partial responses, survey completion rate, average time taken for survey completion, and more.

Survey overview dashboard

View key website metrics and improve your webpage's performance. View the total number of visitors, visitors by source, channel, and medium, and track visitor behavior such as which parts of the webpage they interact with the most—and more.

Website marketing dashboard

Get instant ticketing insights for all your marketing events. Measure the ticket sold rate, compare maximum tickets sold by ticket category, tickets sold by city, gross sales, and more.

Event ticketing dashboard

Measure the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Calculate the average click-through rate, cost per click, clicks per month, cost per conversion, conversion rate, and more.

Google Ads dashboard

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