Experience Email built for Business. Switch to Zoho Mail

Many businesses and organizations have not only become more productive with the advantage of being with Zoho, a provider of 25+ online apps but also saved a lot in terms of maintenance costs. Here is a list of top reasons that these businesses have mentioned:

  • Reliable and secure with a strong foundation in the cloud business and datacenters protected with state-of-the-art security
  • User friendly email interface, free of clutter and rich with features geared for business use
  • Integrated Calendar, Tasks & Notes apps that boost productivity
  • Benefits of email hosting with Zoho, a company that offers a wide range of business apps including an award winning CRM
  • Huge savings - almost 60% of reduction in costs when you migrate from a service like Microsoft Hosted Exchange
  • Assurance of data privacy since there are absolutely no ads even in the free versions
  • Professionalism and a customer service team that cares

The task of migrating from your existing email solution is simple without laborious setup, loss of time, or loss of productivity. A self-service migration module is a few clicks away in the control panel and downloadable tools are available for Exchange server and Outlook PST migrations. Our support experts will coordinate with you throughout the process to ensure your switch is smooth.

We realize that switching email services can seem as tough as moving house. In case you feel uncomfortable to change your domain's MX records to Zoho Mail servers right away, we support dual / split delivery and subdomain stripping configurations. You can trial run Zoho Mail using one of these configurations and change your MX to Zoho servers when you are happy with the business email experience.

IMAP/POP Migration

Migrate email data directly using POP or IMAP based on the protocol supported by the existing mail server. This is available only to the email administrator of your organization who can supervise and view the progress of on-going migrations.

Exchange Server

Download and install a self-migration tool and move mail, calendar, task, notes and contact data directly from Exchange servers. Admin credentials are required to directly access all the user data from Exchange server.

Outlook PST

Download and install the self-migration tool to migrate data stored offline in outlook to Zoho Mail. This includes mail, calendar, task, notes and contact data, available as a PST file for individual email users. This migration works with both admin and user credentials.

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