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    How to share drafts in Zoho Mail

    Drafting your email can be tedious at times. Be it writing an email to your team or boss, choosing the right set of words to deliver the right tone is very tricky. When you can get the help of your colleagues, the task becomes slightly more bearable. However, copy-pasting your content in a text editor and going back and forth to collaborate with your co-workers will only add to the tediousness of the task. To avoid these complications and help you draft your email at its best, Zoho Mail's share draft feature will let you collaborate in the comfort of your mailbox.

    What is the 'share draft' feature?

    With Zoho Mail's share draft feature, you can,

    1. Share your email draft with your colleagues.
    2. Discuss suggestions, corrections, and so on in the comment section.

    Steps to share an email draft in Zoho Mail

    Sharing a draft with your colleague in Zoho Mail is easy and simple.

    1. Login to Zoho Mail
    2. Open the email composer by clicking New Mail.
    3. After drafting your email, click Share Draft.
      Sharing drafts
    4. Type in the name of the colleagues you would like to collaborate with.
      Sharing email draft with your teammate
    5. Once you have added all your collaborators, click Share draft.

    After you share the draft, your collaborators will receive a notification automatically. You can notify all your collaborators manually as well by using Notify all. Click the Show comments icon to view all the comments made by your collaborators. You can keep making the changes you wish to your draft and your collaborators will be able to see the most recent version of your email draft. 

    When you are a collaborator 

    As soon as your colleague shares an email draft, you will receive a notification. 

    1. You will not be able to edit the email draft directly. However, you can voice your suggestions using the comment section. 
    2. If any changes had been made to the draft, you will notice a refresh icon. You can refresh the draft to view the most recent version.

    With the share draft feature, you achieve a neat draft review process that can be helpful in providing high-quality and highly professional emails.

    Hope you enjoyed this tip. Try out this feature and send us your feedback at

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